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Smash Bros Dream Roster by VGFanatic23 Smash Bros Dream Roster :iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 4 2 Sonic Misadventure: Cave by VGFanatic23 Sonic Misadventure: Cave :iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 1 Sonic Misadventure: Forever by VGFanatic23 Sonic Misadventure: Forever :iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 0 Sonic Misadventure: Treasure Hunt by VGFanatic23 Sonic Misadventure: Treasure Hunt :iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 0 Sonic Misadventure Returns....again by VGFanatic23 Sonic Misadventure Returns....again :iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 0
DreamScape Ch. 5
Looming Darkness
"Naga is not online tonight" Deathex said as he looked at his friend list, noticing Shock's name light up as he logged on. He was currently sitting outside of Pavillia with some company. The two of them were sitting upon one of the marble staircases that lead into the city.
"Hmm..." MadAlice said, looking at her list and shaking her head a bit, "no...she's probably online but set herself to invisible..." she said as she then closed her list.
He thought about that for a moment before closing the list, "probably, should we go grind a bit?" he asked, of course this meant they might get level ups, and leave the others behind a little, but it was worth it for those hunts.
"Yeah...not too much though," she said, still kinda just sitting there.
"Alright" he said standing up and offering his hand to help her up. She smiled and placed her hand in his, using him as support to get up.
"You're lighter than I remember" he teased
"Are you saying that I was fat?" She asked, making a
:iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 0
DreamScape Ch. 4
Hot and Cold
"What are you doing here?" Naga asked, peeved as all hell.
"I've been looking for you for a while, you have something that I want" he said
"Fuck you" she said.
"Then let us communicate your way" he said leading her out of Pavillia, she of course followed and once outside they tethered.
"Rocket Punch!" she flew toward him right at the start, arm cocked back and ready to throw the punch.
"So barbaric" he said before doing a dance move and sliding out of her attack before countering with a swift kick to her exposed ribs. She rolled along the ground coming to a stop and slowly rising up, holding herself with her hand and knees. Her right arm busy nursing her ribs.
"Hail Cannon" he held his arm, unleashing dozens of hail stones at her, the balls of ice striking her with great force. Her Magic Resist falling by 25%. She grunted and groaned from the impacts, standing up "Burning Up!" she rushed at him again. "Winter's Bite" he said, marking her with the projectile he tossed. "Fro
:iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 0
DreamScape Ch. 3 (Remake)
A Guild is Born
"So what can you tell me about Challenga? I mean other than the fact that it's hovering above us" Shock asked
Naga thought for a minute as they walked, "well, it's solely for pvp, lot of tough contenders show up there time to time. That's about it"
"Hm..." Shock thought as they stepped into the teleporter
"It'll be fun!" she reassured him as the teleporter shot them up to the island.
"It's so desolate" Shock said when they arrived.
"Yep, that's the whole point" she said. A few fights already occuring in front of them. "by the way, be vigilant, here your battle could get interrupted by some slimeball" she said.
"Wait...spectators can intervene?" he asked
"Yep, unless you two agree to a locked battle, which is the default everywhere else"
"This place is unforgiving" he said
"Best part is when they all gang up on you and you still win, massive XP" she said with a smile. He just sighed, of course she would be that excited to get ganged up on. He shook that thought from his
:iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 0
Ask Roygbiv 9 by VGFanatic23 Ask Roygbiv 9 :iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 3
DreamScape Ch. 2 (remake)
A Challenga Approaches
The following takes place while Shock is playing the tutorial
The in game sun shone brightly in its blue sky, the white fluffy clouds slowly moving along as a gentle breeze blew by. The grass shifted gently in the wind just before being stomped on by a boot as the sound of steel meeting steel was heard. A throwing knife imbedding into the ground as it fell. A boy holding a sword could be seen  standing above it, short elf ears with skull earrings that shone in the light on the sides of his head. His face below his eyes hidden by a red muzzle mask. His hair bangy black with purple highlights running through it. His torso covered by a red vest with a black long sleeve undershirt and the sleeves rolled up to just before his elbow and there on his right wrist was a white watch with a black ring on that same hand's middle finger. a red tie hanging from his neck and moving with the breeze. black tux pants covering his slender legs. Boots on his feet,
:iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 0
Ask Roygbiv 8 by VGFanatic23 Ask Roygbiv 8 :iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 5 Ask Roygbiv 7 by VGFanatic23 Ask Roygbiv 7 :iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 4 Ask Roygbiv 6 by VGFanatic23 Ask Roygbiv 6 :iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 1 Ask Roygbiv 5 by VGFanatic23 Ask Roygbiv 5 :iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 4 Ask Roygbiv 4 by VGFanatic23 Ask Roygbiv 4 :iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 1 6
DreamScape Ch. 1 (remake)
A Shocking Start
Man, I could not be more excited. Finally I have enough money from working my ass off at home and at my job. My job isn't too bad, it's just jeez this thing is expensive. Maybe that's a bad place to start this tale, see a few years ago a revolutionary new MMORPG was revealed. Oh that means Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game for anyone curious enough to care. The game did something no other game did at the time, allowed you play it in your sleep. They called it...
The game was still buggy when it was revealed during that E3 conference, but everyone was amazed that it could do what it did. It could determine height, weight, BMI that's Body Mass Index, eye color, skin color, and hair color. The character creator didn't let you alter your height weight or BMI, but it did let you change hair color and style, along with skin and eye color as well.
Just 2 years ago, which was also 2 years after it was revealed it became available to purchase. Yo
:iconvgfanatic23:VGFanatic23 0 2


Metal Sonic 2.0 by ShadeFox Metal Sonic 2.0 :iconshadefox:ShadeFox 226 21 #300 Super Smash Bros by Picolo-kun #300 Super Smash Bros :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 4,910 200 #317 Metroid by Picolo-kun #317 Metroid :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 2,658 222 Banjo Kasmoovies by karto1989 Banjo Kasmoovies :iconkarto1989:karto1989 11 2 Creepy Character Study Colored: ZALGO by AskHeroicHamburger Creepy Character Study Colored: ZALGO :iconaskheroichamburger:AskHeroicHamburger 189 18 Nazo Unleashed Poster Remastered by Adir Nazo Unleashed Poster Remastered :iconadir:Adir 153 25 Reign of Magic by AssasinMonkey Reign of Magic :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 4,566 244 Commission: Princess Celestia vs Egg Emperor by DLowell Commission: Princess Celestia vs Egg Emperor :icondlowell:DLowell 180 32 I've been looking for you ... by Antiiheld I've been looking for you ... :iconantiiheld:Antiiheld 1,231 837 Classic Metal Sonic riding on Gilda's back by mkf2308 Classic Metal Sonic riding on Gilda's back :iconmkf2308:mkf2308 58 25 Shadow And The Cutie Mark Crusaders by mkf2308 Shadow And The Cutie Mark Crusaders :iconmkf2308:mkf2308 334 116 Rainbow Dash Girly by Shinta-Girl Rainbow Dash Girly :iconshinta-girl:Shinta-Girl 478 298 Metal Ponies character sheet by Sweecrue Metal Ponies character sheet :iconsweecrue:Sweecrue 621 124 Rainic Fusion by Sweecrue Rainic Fusion :iconsweecrue:Sweecrue 486 158 Tomorrow is a new adventure by Sweecrue Tomorrow is a new adventure :iconsweecrue:Sweecrue 401 116


Smash Bros Dream Roster
honestly, while a good number of these are longshots, i'd sure love to see the day where the roster could look something like this.

all assets used were from :iconconnorrentz:'s smash roster builder. go check him out if you wanna make your own roster.
I'm just not too clear on old and black. Why am i black? and where did i get this suit? it's freaking ridiculous.

okay now that that's done
howdy folks, it's me the real Colonel Sanders
I'm back to tell you about my new 20 dollar family fill up
It's a treasure trove of delicious-you know what, screw it

for real now, how's it going? Just finished recovering from a cold so now it's update time.
DreamScape my see an update or two maybe more, within the next 10 days. 

the ask blog is on hold until i get these ideas out of my head so hang tight

new things
that mario maker stage in smash though
got pirate warriors 3, it's incredible
gonna get destiny the taken king by the 26th. so yeah

what's new with all of you?



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NatiaDwolf Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015  Student General Artist
Messed up the comment sorry)

Natia: *stomach ties in a knot as the ship approaches it's destination*
VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015
the ship glows as the relay affects it before rocketing it at light speed. using the engines the ship goes faster than that, reaching the partner relay within mere minutes

VG: whoa....
NatiaDwolf Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Student General Artist
Dats fast fo sho. Took me ages, sorry)

Saturn: *nose begins to bleed slightly*

Natia: Whoa you okay there? Your nose is b... *suddenly gets heavy dizzyness* bleeding jesus christ my head *tilts her head back with her eyes shut tight*
VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015
it's k)

VG: i don't feel *collapses*
Alexis: oh jeez...

Turian: *chuckles* it's all mental, everyone experiences Psuedo Light Sickness.
Alexis: huh?
Turian: basically your brain fully realizes what just happened and produces fake symptoms that your body acknowledges. a few more jumps and you'll be used to it
(1 Reply)
Rapshadow Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
wait...why am i still watching you?
VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
Dunno, cuz all i do is DreamScape and Roygbiv now
Rapshadow Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
mesmes7777 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
Hey I have a sonic and MLP crossover idea if your interested
VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
sure i like helping people with their ideas. what you got?
mesmes7777 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
In the story it starts of with telling everyones childhood and then shows them as teenagers in this story sonic is the main character and everyone is human, sonic is around 10 and is the son of princess celestia and is the only harmonic and chaos user left sonic's only friends are twilight and spike and his adopted brother tails sonic when he turns 16 gets two books and a katana the first book is a book of spells that have been passed down to every royal child at 16 and the second book is a book from his late father telling him how to control his chaos energy sonic is also the element of courage and his clothes at 10 are a royal gown and at 16 he wears a black shirt that gose to the top of his neck a yellow scarf a black duster a black utility belt with smoke pellets and balck fingless gloves and his trademark shoes he also has a watch that allows him to talk to tails or twilight and a black messanger bag where he keeps his books is a martial arts master and acts the same as always but he takes of his duster when he runs twilight has a cursh on him the first time they meet but never tells him till after they beat discord for the fist time I know it's a little wired in terms as far as plot goes but it follows the MLP story line more rather than the sonic story line
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