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April 10, 2012
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And So It Begins

One day, at the Base of the "cunning" Dr. Eggman.

"Shall i cross out the Egg Wyvern as a useful tool against Sonic?" A robot that assisted the doctor asked.

Eggman just gruffed at him, "Do what you want, but know this, Sonic will be defeated." he said confidently.

"And i'll add another tally to the number of times you've said that." Another said.

"What number is he at?" One robot asked.

"37." The first robot replied.

Eggman growled at them, "Keep quiet bolt brains!" he ordered. The robots did as ordered and became silent.

"I need a new plan. A new way to beat Sonic." Eggman said as he sat there in thought.

One Robot seemed restless before being nudged by a fellow robot. "Sir if I may?" the robot began.

"Speak." Eggman said.

The robot mentally sighed in relief, "Well sir, during the fight between you and Sonic we picked up readings from an unidentified source. We isolated the signal in a hurricane."

Eggman was shocked, "What?! off the coast of this continent?! impossible!" He said in utter disbelief. "The readings must be off." he assured himself.

"Sir, we triple checked the readings. It is a Hurricane." the robot said.

"Send a Scouting Pod, I want it to investigate this hurricane." The doctor ordered The robot saluted, "It will be done sir."

In the hangar

The scouting pod, a giant bee like ship carrying dozens of little honycomb shaped scout robots was being booted up. After being given its mission it lifted off the ground with its thrusters and zoomed at high speed toward the Hurricane to investigate.

"And now we wait." Eggman said before he got a signal from the pod. What he saw was a Hurricane indeed, but it was much smaller than he imagined. About the size of a small car, the eye of the Hurricane big enough for a man to fit perfectly inside of. Though it's what was in the eye that had him perplexed. In the eye was what looked like a portal of sorts, within which was what looked like a town.

"Interesting" Eggman said as he stroked his large mustache, "Deploy the drones." He ordered. The pod did as instructed, deploying 50 drones into the portal. Eggman's computer began to receive and analyze the data from the drones as they ventured into the unknown.

On The Other Side of The Portal

Ponyville, a beautiful town in the world of Equestria. Full of plenty of interesting characters that went about their day. Here we find a Tree, that has been hollowed out into a library and doubles as a house for a Lavender coated Unicorn named Twilight Sparkle. Her magic sparkle cutie mark adorning her flank as her violet mane and tail shone with volume and health. She was in the middle of her studies, looking over some books on the table. Some dealt with Magic, others dealt in Astrology. Her horn glowed as she used her magic to turn the page of the current book she was reading, which was about theoretics on Portals and Space/Time transmission. She was so into the book she didn't hear a knock at her door. Luckily her #1 assistant, Spike answered it.

Now Spike is a baby dragon, purple scales, green ones adorning his head and back. his underbelly was a paler color of his scales. Answering the door brought a smile to his face as he saw Rainbow Dash, a cyan pegasus pony with a rainbow mane and tail, and beautiful purple eyes standing there. her cutie mark being a cloud with a rainbow lightning bolt coming out of it. "Heya Rainbow Dash." Spike said.

She grinned at the baby dragon, "Heya Spike. Twilight around?" She asked. Spike pointed over to Twilight, who was still reading the book.

she turned another page as Rainbow just smiled and shook her head, "Of course." She said going inside and walking up to her. She looked over the Lavender Unicorns shoulder to get a better look at what she was reading. Soon though it occured to Rainbow Dash, //i don't understand a single thing she's reading// she thought before taking a deep, silent inhale. "HEYA TWILIGHT!" she shouted happily at her friend. This caused two things, Twilight screaming in surprise and then jumping so high she almost hit the ceiling.

"Oops." Rainbow said as she tried to stifle her laughter.

Twilight huffed, "Rainbow Dash! How many times have I told you not to scare me like that?" She asked sternly.

"Lost count." Rainbow said before losing to her laughter and falling to the floor as she laughed.

Twilight just shook her head and smiled, "So what's up?" she asked.

After catching her breath Dash turned to her, "Well I wanted to see if you were going to make it to the picnic today."

"Oh shoot, I forgot that's today" she said. Having forgotten about the picnic with her friends today.

"Don't worry, they're just now heading out there. We can meet up with em if we hurry." Rainbow said before earning a nod from Twilight.

"Coming Spike?" Twilight asked.

"Sure." the Dragon replied happily before hopping onto Twilight's back. The two ponies smiled before leaving the tree and heading toward where the picnic was, a nice little place near a lake.

Twilight ran as Dash did what she did best, fly. After 3 minutes of running and flying, they finally arrived. Their friends were already there and had started to set up the picnic.

"Heya guys." Twilight said as she walked up to them. Dash just landed nearby grinning ear to ear.

"Oh hello darling." a white unicorn with an elegant purple mane said, her cutie mark being 3 rhombus shaped diamonds. Rarity is her name and Fashion Designing is her game.

"Hiya Sugarcube." an Orange Pony with a farmer's accent said with a smile. her blonde mane in a ponytail and her cowgirl hat being the main identifiers, as well as her cutie mark which was 3 red apples. her name is Applejack

"Glad you could make it." a timid pegasus said, her coat a peaceful spring yellow. her mane a spring pink. her cutie mark being 3 pink butterflies. her name is Fluttershy kindest pony you'd ever meet. her voice was quiet but still hearable. very peaceful and caring.

"Wouldn't be a picnic without you!" a pink pony said, her curly darker pink mane bouncing as she moved. her name is Pinkie pie, 3 party ballons being her cutie mark and her eyes sky blue and brimming with joy.

"Aw, thanks you guys." Twilight said.

Back at Eggman's base

"So...a world filled with nothing but Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns..." Eggman said, thinking more and more. One of the drones was sending some data, some very interesting data.

"What's this? A strange power?" he asked before the drone went silent.

"Seems someone is gaurding a naughty little secret from me." he said as a grin spread across his face.

"So what did we get from the data?" he asked turning to a robot.

"Well sir, the data suggests there were 6 individual powers. The data is insuffecient to say what they represented in power." a robot said. he turned back to his console and pressed a button to open a comm to his drones.

"Message to all Drones. Investigate that lost signal, find out what happened and what that power is." he ordered before data started being sent by 6 drones that were nearby. Each one going silent one after another within just a minute of reporting the data to Eggman.

"Anything?" Eggman asked the robot.

"Yes sir, the power is incredible. Yet these reading indicate it's dormant and most likely needs some type of trigger to activate the power." the robot said.

"Alright, leave that all to me" he said before turning to his armory there stood several robots designed to cause chaos. 6 in total, slowly being booted up at the push of a button.

"Listen to me Hex unit, i want you to go through that portal and retrieve that power source. Failure is not an option." Eggman ordered. Earning salutes from all 6 before they fired up their jets and flew to the portal dropping in to accomplish their mission.


The robots flew down, landing outside the town softly.

"Mission start" The one with a red E on its chest said. They were all black E series robots, looking similar to E-101mkII only with legs similar to Omega's. They stood there, unmoving as they began scanning for a place of interest.

"There" one said pointing in the direction of Cloudsdale.

"Let's go" Another said as they fired up their jets and flew in that direction.

Twilight was walking home from the picnic, Spike on her back and Pinkie tagging along since Sugarcube Corner was on the way. All of a sudden Pinkie stopped and seemed to become increasingly anxious.

"What's wrong Pinkie?" Twilight asked

"My Pinkie Sense is going's gonna be a doozy. Maybe something bigger than a doozy." she said.

"Something? Like what?" Spike asked.

"Something bad."
Chapter 1 of my new crossover fic of Sonic the hedgehog and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

MLP:FIM is copyright of Hasbro and Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Sonic is copyright of Sega and Sonic Team.

next: [link]
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VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
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