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April 19, 2012
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Pure Chaos

The skies darkened above Ponyville, the atmosphere chilling from the lack of daylight. Trixie laughed as she caused this before looking straight at Shadow who seemed unimpressed. She frowned a bit at his unchanging demeanor before charging straight for him. He dodged the charge and kicked her in the side before jumping up and firing his Chaos Spear at her. She smiled as a shield appeared around her, blocking the hit.

"My turn" she said, her horn crackling with chaos energy. "Chaos Spear!"

The attack flew straight at Shadow who was surprised she was able to do that. Thinking fast he deflected it before she rammed into him, taking him toward the ground. They crashed with a loud boom, before Shadow stood and kicked her away again.

"Chaos Control!" he shouted before time around him froze and he made his way to Trixie. He started to prepare for his attack that is until she started moving.

"You're not the only one who can use it!" she said before tackling him and blasting him pointblank with a Chaos Spear. Both of them exited the Chaos Control. Shadow had a look of anger on his face. Trixie just grinned evilly.

With Sonic and Dash

Sonic was dodging the claw swipes of Metal, ducking low to knock the bot off balance with a leg sweep followed by a kick to the side for good measure.

Dash was doing her best to dodge Gilda, who at this point was enraged enough for her chaos energy to create extensions on her claws. Dash had a few cuts on her body but wasn't about to let that stop her as she jumped above Gilda and bucked her in the back of the head before landing again. Gilda growled before shrieking loudly as her marks began to glow and her body was enveloped in a red aura. Dash immediately took flight to avoid a charge, but Gilda was persistent as she chased after the cyan Pegasus.

Metal managed to grab Sonics arm and kneed him in the stomach before tossing him down and going for a clawed jab. Sonic rolled out of the way to avoid it before standing up and punching the bot in the head. Metal just stood there, unfazed as it turned to him and tackled him.

With Shadow and Trixie

Shadow rolled a bit from the hit he took from Trixie before coming to a stop and standing up. Some blood at the corner of his mouth that he wiped away before he started to concentrate.

"Chaos Boost!" he said as he gained a red aura from the ability heightening power of Chaos Boost. "Level 1"

Trixie just scoffed "that all you got?" she asked before going wide eyed from Shadow practically 'blipping' from where he was to where she was before kicking her into the air. He blipped again and punched her, continuing to blip to her and strike. She recovered though and bucked him when he blipped behind her. Sending him reeling before he shouted.

"Level 2!" his aura became more vibrant as he fired a Chaos Arrow, a weaker version of the spear requiring no incantation. She dodged it before dozens more flew at her, striking her multiple times. He blipped to her and kicked her before she fired a Chaos Spear at him and hit him in the face.

"Level 3" he said before he blipped behind her and started to use her as a volleyball. With a punch he began to start his Chaos Assault, unleashing a flurry of attacks on her before sending her to the ground with shockwave. She crashed into the ground, growling as she stood up to see him land in front of her. She had blood coming out of her nostril and mouth from the attacks. Her coat, mane, and tail a mess from being tossed around like a ragdoll.

"Little wretch!" she screamed before her marks began to glow and she too was covered in a red aura. Shadow just stood there, ready for what she had in store for him.

With Rainbow Dash

Dash was doing her best to shake Gilda off, but found that to be very difficult as the griffon was having no trouble keeping up with her.

"What's the matter Dash?! Scared to fight me?!" she shouted after her. Dash thought for moment before smiling as she stopped going forward and dove. She was high enough that she could do this, hurtling toward the ground at high speed.

"Chaos Emerald…help…please" she pleaded with the Emerald. It responded, granting her the speed necessary for a Sonic Rainboom. She quickly shot back up and struck Gilda right in the kisser. Gilda reeled back, rubbing her beak as she saw Dash flying there. Her Rainbow mane glowing vibrantly as it waved back and forth from the aura around her, her mane and tail spikier than before. Her mane standing up. Her coat was glowing a vibrant Cyan while her element of loyalty was on her neck. Red Lightning Bolts adorned her sides, eyes, the ends of her legs and her wings. This was Lightning Dash.

"Feel the power of a lightning strike!" Dash shouted before instantly travelling from where she was to Gilda, and striking her in the gut before following up with other attacks. Each one seeming to produce more of a punch than the last before Dash sent her opponent higher into the air before following. Gilda ended up above the clouds and when Dash arrived her anger turned to fear as the Pegasus tackled her and went into the cloud before grinning. Immediately lightning began to zap Dash, as if empowering her before she held a hoof out to Gilda.

"You will regret ever doing this Gilda" she said before she began to spin and charged at her, heading toward the ground.

"Lightning Corkscrew!" she shouted, as soon as they exited the cloud the lightning exploded violently. Once the two were near the ground Dash bucked Gilda with all her might, sending the griffon into the ground, making a crater as the boom echoed. She landed near the crater, looking at Gilda who was unconscious. Her Lightning Dash form soon faded as she panted from pushing herself like that.

With Sonic

Metal was losing this fight badly and needed an ace to win. Its body crackling with electricity from all the circuits that shorted out. It then got an idea, all around were parts of robots. Holding out its arms it summoned all the pieces which came to it before they all liquefied and reformed as Neo Metal Sonic.

"My loathsome copy. This is the day I prove once and for all that I am the real Sonic" Metal said in a deep voice as he stood there, eager to finish this fight. Sonic just looked on at the newly revived form of Neo Metal Sonic.

"This isn't gonna be easy…" he said

With Shadow and Trixie

Trixie was still on the losing end of the fight, being tossed around effortlessly. She landed on the ground with a thud as Shadow landed afterwards.
"Give up. You're outclassed" he said.

"Wrong!" she shouted before her horn began to glow. Gilda's body soon lost its markings of red as the energy was taken from her and brought to Trixie who happily absorbed it. Her markings growing as she became even more corrupted. Shadow was starting to feel a little nervous now, knowing this fight had only just begun.
Shadow and Trixie are locked in mortal combat. Dash has discovered a great power for herself. while Sonic has yet to scratch the surface of his fight.

those of you who played Sonic 06 will know what Chaos Assault and Chaos Boost are. to those that want better imagery, just watch Shadow gameplay for that game on youtube.
Neo Metal Sonic is the form that Metal Sonic had throughout Sonic Heroes, before transforming into a giant thingie. if you never played that game then look him up on DA, lot of fanart for that form.

MLP:FIM is copyright of Hasbro and Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Sonic is copyright of Sega and Sonic Team
Lightning Dash is a Super Form concept for Rainbow Dash made by yours truly :iconvgfanatic23:

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So the emeralds can corupting pepul? I dint know that
yes, if you have a deep wound in your heart that stems from emotional turmoil the emerald seeks to ease the pain of the heart calling for its power and causes corruption as a result
Awesome! Neo Metal Sonic has returned! Wait...Lightning Dash? Isn't suppose to be Super Rainbow Da...oh. Oh, that's just one Emerald. She needs all 7 to do that, right?
Lightning Dash is her super form.
yes i am aware of Super Rainbow Dash, but that's not my creation and i wanted to be original. so i made it to where one element by itself is enough to super transform the one who wears it. though one element isn't stronger than all 7 emeralds, it comes pretty close to matching them. the fact it's magic gives me enough free space when creating the super form.
that's how i see it
YAY! Sonic 2006 reference! :D 
love making references, they are fun
Sweecrue Apr 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is getting interesting, nice job!^^

Hey, this would make a great theme for Neo Metal Sonic~ [link]
thanks. and wow. awesome theme right there. thanks for that.
Sweecrue Apr 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome. ^^

I highly recommend downloading the album, lots of great music in there. There should be a link to it in the video description.
Here's another great one~ [link]
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