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April 19, 2012
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Playing with Fire

Shadow looked at their friends who were making their way to them.

"Nice work out there Shadow" Sonic said, his arm in a splint that Fluttershy made for him. Everyone else going over and smiling. Glad the fight was over. Shadow was even smiling that is until he looked where his Chaos Judgement hit. Everyone turned and saw a scary sight.

Trixie, standing there, enraged to the point the vessels in her eyes broke.

"I'll kill you all… Celestia I will make you pay….as the princesses are my witness…I. Will. Kill. YOU!!" she shouted.

"Well spoken" a voice said behind her. Trixie turned to face the voice. "I couldn't agree more!" the voice said before Knuckles punched the ground. Making the earth rise to shield them from the fireball that hit Trixie. Causing her to scream as she was burned.

"looks like I can bring The Great and Powerful Trixie down after all" the voice said, Trixie looked from over her shoulder to see Blaze standing there, holding her side and conjuring another fireball in her right hand.

"But how? You shouldn't be standing. All the blood you lost should have killed you!" she shouted before another fireball hit her and exploded, covering her and burning her in the flames.

"Funny thing about fire. It makes a good sealant for a wound like that. I seared it before I lost too much blood. The pain was so excruciating that I thought it would be the death of me" she said as she fired another at Trixie.

"You seem to be familiar with regeneration. Well I'm familiar with Stamina. And I know you haven't got much of that left." She hit Trixie with another ball of fire. The unicorn screaming in agony as she was burned.

"So let's see, how many burns is it gonna take!" she said before unleashing blast after blast of fire. Burning the unicorn alive as she screamed and screamed. Trixie jumped through the flames and charged at Blaze. Blaze jumped back and placed her finger on Trixie's horn before letting her flames fly. The close proximity flamethrower burning Trixie as a final agonizing scream escaped her. The fire died and Trixie fell to the ground. Her body catching fire and turning to ash slowly.

"Dammit….even after so much planning. So much power…I still didn't…win.." Trixie said softly. "You're days of heroism are numbered. I'll be watching you all suffer as you fail…that day…is coming" she said as her bones were burned away. Her ashes breaking apart and being carried away by the wind.

Blaze began to fall forward, exhausted. Silver having woke and saw that ran up and caught her.

"Finally…now it's over" Shadow said as he closed his eyes and fell asleep from being so exhausted.

The next day. At the hospital.

Sonic was doing his best to relax in his hospital bed, since he still had another week there. His cast at least wasn't itching. Though it started to as soon as he thought about it. A knock came at the door, jarring him out of his dilemma as Rainbow Dash and Amy walked in.

"Heya Sonic" Dash said with a smile.

"Hey" he said before Amy walked up and hugged him. Careful of his arm.

"We just came by to see how you were doing" she said before Tails entered the room.

"Do you two not know how to walk or something?" he asked, out of breath from flying all the way. They both laughed.

"I'm popular today aren't I?" Sonic asked with a smile.

"Sorry I can't stay longer, but I've got to get back to town to help with the cleanup" Amy said before kissing Sonic on the cheek and leaving the room. Dash watched that before looking at Sonic with an arched brow. He chuckled at Dash.

"No she's not my girlfriend" he said. Dash laughed, for some reason that made her feel relieved. Whether it was because he was still available or that he wasn't tied to someone like Amy, she wasn't sure.

With Shadow

Shadow began to awaken from his slumber, noticing he was in a hospital. The second thing he noticed were I.V.'s giving him fluids. //that bad huh?// he thought before noticing something near his lap.

Twilight had fallen asleep and was leaning from her chair, resting her head on his bed. He moved a bit to get comfortable, which caused her eyes to flutter open as she awoke with a yawn.

"Huh? Shadow? You're awake" she said happily before giving him a hug as best she could.

"Didn't mean to wake you there" he said with an easy smile. She just smiled and shook her head.

"It's alright." She said as her gaze soon met his. Her heart began to race as the butterflies filled her stomach again.  A small blush on her cheeks.

"You feeling alright?" he asked, noticing she was just staring. She shook her head.

"Huh?" she asked.

"You were off in your own little world back there" he said. She just giggled.

"I guess I was" she said before a knock came at the door. Twilight opened it, allowing Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo to enter the room. They all went up to Shadow and managed to get on his bed to give him a group hug.

"Shadow! We're so glad you're okay!" they said in unison. Twilight just giggled at how cute that was as Shadow hugged them back.

"I am too girls"

With Sonic

"So…both Gilda and Metal Sonic were not found where we last saw them….that means that either Gilda woke up and got out of there with Metal. Or Eggman got them." Sonic said after hearing Dash tell him about what he missed. She nodded.

"Yep. Things are never too easy are they?" she asked

"Wouldn't be fun if they were" he said with a grin.

With Blaze

She was still asleep, her wound having to be treated medically big time, since a cauterization only does so much for you. She had just gotten out of surgery to remove the tissue that was too burnt to heal. She was even given skin grafts. All wrapped up and ready to heal.

Silver and Marine were by her bedside. Silver more-so as he wished her a strong and fast recovery. She began to wake, her eyes slowly opening.

"you're awake" Silver said before she turned her gaze to him and smiled weakly.

"gave us quite the scare mate" Marine said. Blaze just smiled more.

"I'm so tired" she said.

"then rest, we'll still be here when you wake up" Silver said. Blaze fell back asleep, the smile never fading.

Eggman's Base

"Trixie failed miserably…oh well that's to be expected from one that lacks experience" Eggman said.

"they may have 3 emeralds now, but I'll soon have them all. As well as those Elements" he said before turning to Gilda and Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic was being repaired, and Gilda was on a bed, being healed by the doc bots.

"besides…I still have these two." He said with an evil grin before laughing.
and yes, before you say anything. that scene where Blaze incinerates Trixie was heavily inspired by Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, more specifically where Roy kills Lust.

Trixie is no more, Eggman has a plan and our heroes can finally rest after a long fought battle.

MLP:FIM is copyright of Hasbro and Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Sonic is copyright of Sega and Sonic Team

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So she's dead or just went away?
read on and you'll see
I have a questian. How do you uploding this fanfic?
i just use the submit text option for submitting a deviation and copy my word document then paste it in the text box and submit it
Thank goodness that Trixie is the only one to die. I was afraid that this was going to end up like a DBZ fight and every enemy always dies.
This reminds me of Roy mustang killing lust in fullmetal alchemist... exactly like it... is that where u got the inspiration for the fire fight?
did you read the description? lol
Probly not... I don't remember!!! XD
XD, that's awesome. well yes, that scene was heavily inspired by FMA: Brotherhood when Roy killed Lust. i just tried to make it...well not as obvious or rip it off completely.
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