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June 4, 2012
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"Just can't sit still can you Invert?" Clarity asked her. Invert turned to her and scoffed.

"can it." she said. Clarity just smirked.

"don't make the same mistake Sour did." She said

"I intend on showing that Sour was a fool" Invert said before flying off, making a beeline for Ponyville.

Fluttershy's Cottage

Tails was hard at work on his suit, welding, saudering, and doing what else needed to be done to it. Changer walked up and looked up toward him, curious as to what he was doing. He then looked to his leg and grinned mischievously before licking Tails' leg. Tails jumped a bit before looking down and seeing Changer.

"Changer what are you doing?" he asked the little changeling. He just blinked at Tails before jumping up and tackle glomping him. Tails just chuckled before hugging the little guy.

"aw, how cute" Fluttershy said having seen that. Tails just blushed before Changer got up and went over to her, nuzzling against her leg. She just smiled at him. "you're awfully affectionate today" she said

Outside Ponyville

Sonic was running with Rainbow Dash, both of them grinning ear to ear as they ran. That is until something crash landed in front of them. Out of the small crater stood, its coat a bright red and its mane a monochrome of Rainbow Dash's mane. Her cutie mark looking the same, except upside down and her black eyes staring right at them.

"who the hay are you?" Dash asked with her usual attitude.

"me? Oh why I'm you. Just better" she taunted. "my name is Invert" she said, "I'm one of the NightMare 6 created by Lord Discord"

Dash froze up at that, "D-D-Discord? He's back?!" she asked in utter shock. Sonic just looked at her in confusion.

"yes. The very embodiment of Chaos has returned and has made us to counter the ones that turned him to stone" Invert said.

"you can try to beat me. But there's no way you can ever outdo the original!" she boasted, Invert just laughed before charging at them full speed. Sonic jumped over it while Dash moved to the side to avoid it. Dash then charged at Invert managing to ram her into a tree before jumping back. Invert growled before standing up and charging again. Sonic curled into a ball and used his spin dash to ram into her. Invert flew back from the hit while Sonic went up into the air and did a backflip and landed on his feet.

"time to use it already…" Invert said before two clouds appeared above Sonic and Dash before they both were struck by lightning. The lightning didn't hurt, and just crackled on them for a moment before fading.

"that's all you got?" Dash taunted before charging at her and pivoting before bucking her right in the jaw. Invert smacked into a tree and fell to the ground before standing up, a trickle of blood going down her chin and dripping onto the ground below.

"seems your power isn't all that great" Dash said with a confident grin as she flew in toward invert. Something odd happened though, her wings stopped moving and she hit the ground hard. Sonic trying to dash in tripped and fell, unable to be as fast as he usually was, or coordinated for that matter.

Invert grinned before bucking Dash as soon as she stood, flying after her and slamming her into the ground and dragging her along it. making a groove in the dirt as Dash was dragged through it. Dash managed to flip her off of her before Invert turned and tackled her into the ground.

Sonic watching this felt something bubble inside of him, something he had been hiding for a while. Something dark.

"you get it yet? my power is to invert what you are. You know, make you the opposite" Invert said with a laugh. Sonic was gritting his teeth, feeling something slip past his control. Dash just glared at Invert trying to think of something.

"try as you might you'll never beat me. I'm too strong for you" Invert taunted
"you…are a fool…" Sonic said rather darkly. Dash turned to him and stared at him in surprise. Sonic's fur was slowly turning black as his quills stood. He slowly stood up; grinning as his irises and pupils vanished, leaving blank white eyes. His muzzle and arms became black, though a little lighter than his already black fur. A dark aura soon surrounded the hedgehog as he stood there, staring down Invert. Sonic was now Dark Sonic, and he is out for payback.

"Sonic?" Dash asked, not sure what to think.

"what?" Invert wondered before Sonic vanished, reappearing beside her and punching her square in the jaw. Invert was sent flying from the punch, dirt kicking up and grass moving from the speed at which she was moving before finally coming to a stop after tearing through several trees. Sonic stood there, not moving.

Invert picked herself up, spitting the blood in her mouth out before charging at him. He held out his arm and her head met his hand. She stopped and he didn't even move. Energy began to gather into his hand and he fired a Dark Beam. Invert screamed in pain as the attack tore through her. He didn't stop there, he appeared behind her and kicked her into the air and followed that with a flurry of punches before holding both hands above his head and slamming them into her sending her to the ground below. He then released a volley of dark bullets at her causing a cloud of dirt to rise from the impacts as the energy exploded violently.

Dash just watched this, her mind going a mile a minute. //Sonic…this isn't you…you aren't cold or ruthless…but…what is this I'm seeing? That is you isn't it?// she wondered, scared to death over this.

Invert crawled out of the crater Sonic put her in, coughing blood up. Her body covered in burns, bruises and blood. "dammit! How is he that much stronger than before?!" she cried out in frustration, slamming her hooves against the ground. A shadow soon cast over her and she looked up to see Sonic standing there. Her eyes went wide with fear, knowing he had the power to end her. What frustrated her most was the fact she knew he was dragging this out, toying with her, just to make her suffer.

"You Bastard!" she cried out, lunging at him and going right through him. He had moved so quickly he left an after image, which she dove through. He stood behind her, reaching an arm out and grabbing her head. He held her up and began to deliver punches to her, while increasing pressure on her skull to make this agonizing. She screamed in pain, utterly tortured by this.

"no…No…NO!" Dash cried out before lunging at Sonic with all her might, striking his side and causing him to drop Invert. She tackled him to the ground, doing her best to keep him pinned.

"Sonic stop this! This isn't you!" she cried out, tears in her eyes that began to fall. Each salty drop landing on his muzzle. He looked at her, surprised by this sudden change in her demeanor.

"I can't let you do this, if you kill her you'd destroy all that you stand for, all that you are." She said through her sobs. Sonic's eyes began to regain their pupils and soon the irises. His emerald green eyes looking at her as the darkness slowly faded.

"Dash…" he said softly as his natural blue returned to his fur and his muzzle and arms regained their color as well.

She smiled in relief that he was back to normal, burying her head in his chest and crying softly. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to comfort her.

Invert shakily picked herself up, panting heavily and severely injured. "I'll get you for this…" she said through gritted teeth before managing to lift off with her wings and fly away, returning to Discord to heal.

"I'm sorry Dash…I didn't want you to see that side of me" he said softly. She kept crying, slowly starting to calm down. He slowly began to run his fingers through her mane. She could feel that, a soft smile on her lips as the tears finally stopped.

"I'm just glad you're back. I was so scared." She said softly.

"don't worry, I'm here now." He said. Dash smiled more, happy.

Twilight's House

Twilight was reading a book, Shadow had left to visit Rouge and Omega for a bit. So she expected him back anytime soon. as if on cue the door began to open, soon revealing Shadow.

"Hi Shadow how was your visit?" Twilight asked. Shadow just looked at her as a grin appeared on his face. His eyes flashing green and slitted pupils visible. Twilight however didn't notice the flash, as the distance was too much for such an acute observation.
Invert has been beaten, for now. Chrysalis has successfully infiltrated ponyville as Shadow. now in disguise and with Twilight none the wiser she intends to make her move. but, what is she planning?

MLP:FIM is copyright of Hasbro and Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Sonic is copyright of Sega and Sonic Team

Stargazer, NightMare 6, and the super form concepts of the Mane 6 are my ideas.

Next: [link]
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PrincessJewel95 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dark Sanic!!! :D
mkf2308 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
:iconmephilesplz: yeeeeessss?
ededdeddyy Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012
why did sonic turn dark
VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012
simple, Invert stated her power is to reverse what the target is. Sonic is a good natured speedster. what happens when you reverse that and add Rainbow Dash in distress? you get enough of an emotional change in the hedgehog for Dark Sonic to emerge. the effect of Invert is temporary so they'll be back to normal soon.

Eggman also stated in Sonic X that sonic should have better control of his emotions after going Dark. so the inversion due to Invert allowed his emotions to overcome and transform him.
XuHuang Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012
i always wanted to ask why he turned dark so fast and easy...thx for explaining
VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012
no problem. glad to help
100PercentLOL Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Student Writer
WAIT!!! In the anime Sonic turned Dark with emeralds nearby. You said that Sonic threw a volley of Dark bullets, the only way Sonic can ever use any type of energy based attack is with the energy of an emerald or to even turn Dark for that matter. The only time Sonic's fur color changes is when he absorbs Chaos energy. Yes, Shadow can use Chaos spear and teleport without an emerald, but thats only because he is constantly using Chaos energy.But if Shadow doesn't have a chaos emerald when doing those things they're limited (Teleportation limited to short distances, energy based attack's power decreased). So unless Dash had her emerald with her Sonic couldnt have turned.
VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
pay attention, he already went dark
pokemonexpertmaster Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Student Writer
Good job making invert a total bitch like shes just the freaking oppisite of Rainbow
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