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June 20, 2012
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Turbo Tails stood there, staring Chrysalis down. Chrysalis growled at the armor-clad fox, anger seething from her gaze. Tails held out a hand and the four rings started to spin on his wrist, like the blades of a fan. Energy charging in them and his palm, climbing higher and higher before he launched a ball of energy with 4 other balls spiraling around it. Chrysalis made a barrier to block it but was shocked when the barrier shattered as the attack exploded, sending her reeling. Tails leapt toward her, aiming a punch. Chrysalis dodged it and rammed him in the side to push him away from her.

Fluttershy went over to Changer, concerned over the changeling. "Oh Changer" she said, making sure he was okay.

"Mama…" he said softly as he looked up at Fluttershy, she smiled softly at him. "Yes Changer, mommy is here" she said, kissing his cheek softly. Changer smiled weakly at her, happy she was there.

Chrysalis fired a Chaos Spear at Tails. He dodged the attack and fired one of his own from his palm at her. She hissed in pain from the hit before firing more Chaos Spears to try to hit him. Tails dodged them, having some close calls. As soon as he aimed to attack he was struck by a Chaos Spear, right in the face.  The sight of smoke and the sound of metal and glass breaking could be heard. Tails waved the smoke away, his left eye now exposed since the blast shattered that part of his visor as well as crack and break off some parts of the armor above it.

The look in his eye was one of determination; he was dead set on ending the reign of terror that Chrysalis brought everywhere she went.  He ran for her, firing a few attacks at the ground to kick up dirt and block her vision before coming in low and using the rings to rocket propel his uppercut to her jaw. She flew into the air from the hit and landed with a thud. Picking herself up and glaring at him.

"You are smart, very capable in a fight. Too bad that won't be enough!" she said, firing some magic bolts at him, managing to graze him a few times as he dodged them. She grinned when one hit him dead center in the chest, knocking him against the wall. Tails landed on one knee and stood up, firing some attacks at Chrysalis and hitting her too. Her grunts of pain audible as each attack hit her.

Sonic watched as his long time best friend, the one who was like a little brother to him, stood there in front of Chrysalis. A proud smiled appeared on his face; Tails was finally seeing what it meant to be a hero. To put yourself in harm's way to protect all that you love, that was heroism.

Chrysalis fired a pulse of magic at Tails, managing to knock him off balance long enough for her to ram him and pin him against the wall. "You maggots think you have a chance of beating me?!" she asked, applying more pressure to Tails, the wall cracking from the amount of force applied. Tails grunted a bit, feeling her foreleg restraining the expansion of his chest.

"Well let me tell you something. You have no chance of beating me!" she shouted before tossing him aside and firing an enhanced Chaos Spear at him and scoring a direct hit. Tails could be heard, shouting in pain from the hit. He could be seen lying on his belly when the smoke from the suit finally faded. He slowly picked himself up, turning to face her, some of his front torso armor missing. The remainder chipped and cracked in some places. Some of his left shoulder was exposed too.

//damn. This thing is more brittle than I thought. Doesn't surprise me, since I never got to do any tolerance testing on it// Tails thought as he began to charge another shot. Firing it straight at her, she dodged it of course.

"Sorry, you lose" she said, blasting him with a huge surge of magic and chaos energy. Parts of his suit came flying off as it began to fall apart. The helmet remained intact as the visor and mouth piece fell off, his whole face visible. His arms and legs were a little exposed as well as the front and back of his torso. His stance was shaky as he tried to pick himself up.

//damn…what do I do?// he wondered as he stared her down. Trixie watched, feeling that thing in her chest intensify until she yelped in pain and clutched her chest.

"What on…earth?" she wondered. Twilight, Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack turned to her to see if she was alright, going closer. She felt it intensify when they got closer, until a bright light exploded out of her chest.

"What the hay?!" Dash wondered, the light going straight to Trixie's neck and forming a necklace with a light blue star shaped gemstone on it.

"What in tarnation?" Applejack wondered, amazed by that.

"An element of Harmony?" Twilight asked in utter shock at this development. Trixie shook off her dizziness and noticed they were all staring at her.

"What? Is something on my face?" she asked. They all pointed at her neck and she looked down, seeing it clear as day. "What the?" she wondered.

"It's an element of harmony. But, I thought only 6 existed." Twilight said. Trixie smiled.

"My dear Twilight Sparkle, surely you've heard of Humility" she said. "True I am boastful at times, but I've learned something of Humility. To not boast my talents, and let others share the reward for the effort. And, I've also learned what it meant to have a friend. Like one such as you, Twilight Sparkle." She said. Twilight smiled at her, it made sense and she was proud to call Trixie a friend now.

"And I think I know what to do with our powers" she said, as she and the other girls got their elements out.

"Tails! Can that absorb power?" Twilight asked. Tails turned to her, "yeah it can why?" he asked. She smiled

"Then get ready, cuz here comes a big blast" she said. Chrysalis heard that and got angry, "oh no you won't!" she said before charging at them. Shadow intercepted her, kicking her to the side.

"I'll hold her off, you just focus on the plan" he said before going at Chrysalis.

Twilight nodded and soon began the process of conjuring the Harmonic Blast. The girls all began to float into the air, the magic surrounding them as their energy's began to merge and swell to form the attack. Tails readied his absorption mode, which were two nodes in the palms of his hands.

Shadow took a bolt to the arm before firing a chaos spear at Chrysalis, hitting her right between the eyes and gaining a shriek of pain from her. She charged and pinned Shadow against the wall, grinning wickedly as she used her magic to chain him to the wall. She then turned to the others, "oh no you don't!" she said before being rammed by something, skidding to a stop she turned to see Changer flying in front of her.

"Don't even think about hurting my mama!" he said before taking the form of a Minotaur and rushing at her. Picking her up and slamming her into the ground. She howled with pain before taking the form of a boa and slithering up his body and wrapping around him to constrict him. He managed to pry her off and toss her before taking the form of a griffon and diving at her. She took the form of a Manticore and stung him with her tail, he spiraled and crashed. Reverting to his original form.

"I give you life and this is how you repay me?" she asked as she reverted and walked up to him, placing a hoof on his neck to keep him pinned. "Well the irony in this is, I gave you life. Now I'll take it back!"

"Déjà vu" Shadow said, remembering how Black Doom said the same thing to him. He used what strength he still had to break free of his restraints. "Chaos Control!" he said, stopping time long enough to reach Chrysalis, whose hoof was in the air to deal a killing blow to the changeling beneath her. As soon as he exited it, he tackled the queen and jumped off before firing a Chaos Spear to keep her down for a bit longer. He then picked up Changer and got some distance, setting him down gently before turning to Chrysalis who was now standing.

"Wretched little pests!" she shouted, furious that she as a changeling queen couldn't best them.

The girls finally finished charging. "Harmonic Blast!" they all shouted, a more radiant rainbow being shot forth, heading right for Tails. He held out his arms and braced himself for the hit. The attack immediately was drawn to the nodes, and absorbed into the suit. Once it was all in Tails could feel it radiate every inch of him in the energy.

"Incredible" he said. The girls a little dazed from doing that. They smiled weakly at each other then at Tails.

"Make it count" Trixie said.

Tails nodded and got out the 4 rings, which segmented and reconnected into a single large ring. It began to spin until it radiated energy and was sparking like crazy. Tails held out his hands and began to charge the energy he had left, preparing to mix it with the Harmonic Blast he absorbed.

"What's he doing?" Twilight asked

"That's his Magnification Ring. Usually there are 4 that help intensify the strength of a smaller energy output. I've never seen this single large one before" Fluttershy said. They all turned to her, not too surprised she knew this.

Shadow saw Tails was in position, Chrysalis was too. "Now!" Shadow said.

"Eat this! Turbo Torrent!" Tails shouted before firing the energy. As soon as it hit the inner space of the ring it was instantly magnified to a level that all that was seen was a giant conical rainbow blast. Chrysalis turned just in time to see the blast make contact with its target, her. She screamed in pain as it tore her apart, piece by piece. Tails's armor fell apart, bits and pieces falling right off, since the amount of energy was too great for it.

//Impossible…I'm the queen…I can't lose…// she thought as her skeleton was soon visible, and likewise destroyed.

When the attack finally ended, nothing remained of her, Chrysalis Queen of the Changelings was no more. Tails stood there with none of his armor on his body, a smile on his face. A smile that spelled relief in his mind, since it was over. He collapsed, but was caught by Fluttershy before hitting the ground. The red emerald fell next to Twilight, which she happily scooped up.

"How's Changer?" Tails asked weakly, seeing the little guy fly up to his side.

"I'm fine papa" he said with a smile. Tails smiled at him and finally drifted off into sleep, completely spent.

Shadow walked up to Twilight, she smiled at him. He smiled as well before the two embraced each other in a hug.

"Thank you so much Shadow" she said softly to him. Shining and Cadence both smiled at the sight of them.

"Anytime Twilight" Shadow said softly.
Chrysalis is defeated. now our heroes can have some well deserved R&R. and a 7th element of harmony has been discovered in Trixie, the element of Humility. which basically like she said means to let others share the glory, to not think too highly of yourself when it was a team effort.

MLP:FIM is copyright of Hasbro and Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Sonic is copyright of Sega and Sonic Team

Stargazer, Starblazers, NightMare 6, Turbo Tails, and the super form concepts of the mane 6 are my creations.

Next: [link]
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Leurunner Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  New member
Tails isn't able to use Chaos Spear. :| (Blank Stare)
VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
Turbo Tails, robot suit, meaning he can use it since it would be able to process the energy of the emeralds.

in other words i actually do my homework and know what i'm doing, do not question me
bubblized Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
I got a theroy: if sonic and the gang showd up in the original serie we sholde see more of Trixie and the 7th element :O
mkf2308 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
Element of Humility! Can I use it for my project? I've been finding Trixie's element for like ever!
VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
sure if you'd like.
the funny thing is i thought of that element out of nowhere. i was just thinking, what doesn't piss off a friend?
being humble not boastful.
and that my friend is what Humility is, which is keeping your talents hush hush so others can have some spotlight
bubblized Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
I also have a protject: can i remake your story into My version. Your version is awesome but i want to make My version so can i do that plz
VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
no, that is one thing i will not have.

if you have a story, make it original. you can be inspired by someone. like inspired by me to make a Sonic/MLP fic.
but really, taking my story and rewriting it to be different...that's just wrong
bubblized Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
But it is calld Pikamon and sonic: adventures in Equestria it has the same story but it also have My characters in it
VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
if it's a crossover between Pokemon, Sonic, and MLP. make it unique. basically saying, the story should be entirely different from mine. it should be its own
bubblized Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
For the first it is a crossover between Digimon, sonic and mlp and for the secund CMON MAN I WANT MY HERO TO RETCH 
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