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Gaze at the Stars

"Glad ya'll could visit for a short while." Braeburn said.

"No problem cousin, we'll be 'round to visit another time. For hopefully longer" she said before hugging her cousin.

"And Knuckles, take good care of my cousin" he said to the red echidna. Knuckles just smiled and nodded.

"I am honored to have fought alongside heroes like you" Chief Thunderhooves said. Sonic smiled at him and held out his hand for a fist hoof bump thing. The Chief gladly accepted this offer and bumped his hoof to Sonic's fist.

"The honor was all ours Chief" Sonic said happily.

The rest of the goodbyes were said and our heroes boarded the train and headed back to Canterlot.


"The time has come my dears." Stargazer said with a wild grin. "It is time to take Equestria for our own."

Clarity and Midnight just nodded, eager to head out. Midnight seemed different though, her coat was a darker shade of purple than it normally was and her hair was more mystical, much like the princesses. A grin appeared on her face as she felt her eagerness to kill Twilight Sparkle rise in every inch of her being.

Canterlot one day later

Our heroes exited the train and were greeted by the warm smiles of their friends. Twilight, amongst all the welcome backs, saw Luna and noted she looked different. Luna smiled at her friend and went over to her. The two mares gave each other a warm hug.

"Good to see you Twilight Sparkle" Luna said with a smile

"Likewise Luna" she said happily.

The peace was shattered as a bright flash went off in the distance. Following the flash, about a minute later, was a loud boom.

"What the hay was that?" Rainbow asked.

"It looked like it came from Trottingham" Celestia said before another flash of light and a booming sound occurred.

"That looks like it happened in Manehattan" Luna said before a voice began to ring out throughout the whole land.

"Citizens of Equestria! Gaze upon your new ruler!"

"Stargazer…" Luna said with venom in her voice.

"The Stars forever watch you, just as you watch them. The Stars judge you, and for your sins and crimes. Death awaits you all!" he called out with a maniacal laugh as another city was engulfed in an explosion.

"Dammit!" Luna said before she closed her eyes and concentrated. "Found him! He's heading for Ponyville" she said.

"We'll never make it" Silver said before Shadow cleared his throat. Everyone began to gather around him, save for Celestia.

"Vex!" Vinyl called out as she ran up to him.

"Vinyl!" he called back before going to her.

"What's happening?" she asked, terrified.

"That Stargazer character is making a final move. We gotta go and stop him" he said. Vinyl just hugged him, tears beginning to fall from the fear she could lose him in that ensuing conflict.

"Hey now" he said as she began to softly sob into his shoulder. "I'll be back, don't worry"

"Do you promise?" she asked, looking into his eyes.

"I promise" he said before she leaned up and kissed his cheek.

"For good luck" she said softly as she blushed. He smiled before heading back to the group.

"Don't worry, he's going down!" Vector called out.

"Chaos Control!" Shadow shouted as he warped them all to where Stargazer was. Vinyl smiled softly, but the fear still remained in her heart. Celestia smiled as she approached the DJ.

"Don't worry my little pony. They'll make it home safe and sound" she said

Grassland outside of Ponyville

Our heroes arrived in a bright flash, and were greeted by the sight they were hoping for. Stargazer and the last of the NightMare 7.

"This is it. This is where the world falls into my hands" Stargazer said.

"Wrong." Luna said sternly as she stepped forward.

"Well lookie here. Seems the princess grew up. Too bad, and I was hoping for Nightmare to come out and play" he said disappointedly.

"Oh don't worry, I'll make your final hours a living nightmare!" she shouted before charging at him. He laughed as he took to the sky and she followed, ramming into him. He grunted before kicking her off.

"Sagittarius Shot!" he shouted as he made his bow and fired the arrow. Luna conjured up a barrier to block the attack.

"Oh this'll be fun" Stargazer said with a sick grin.

With Twilight

Twilight gazed at her darker self, she looked so different and the power emanating from her was incredible to boot.

"Surprised?" Midnight asked with a grin.

"I decided to get all dolled up for this. Because this is where you will die!" Midnight said, full of confidence as she fired a Chaos Spear laced with magic. Twilight put up a barrier only to see it shatter and the attack hit her head on. To say it hurt would be the understatement of the century.

Twilight stood shakily as she glared at her darker self. She vanished in a flash of light, only to appear next to Midnight and fire a Chaos Spear enhanced with magic at point blank into Midnight's face. The darker mare shrieked in pain as she stumbled back and tried to regain her senses. Her eyesight was wonky, her ears were ringing and it pissed her off.  Shadow smiled, proud that Twilight was able to use Chaos Control without uttering the phrase.

With Luna

Stargazer dodged another Lunar bolt from her, growling before he realized something.

"I totally forgot" he said before summoning a horde of White Dwarves. "That's better" he said before a lunar bolt struck him in the face.

With the others

They stared at the large number of Dwarves in front of them.

"Oh boy" Vector said before all them charged at the heroes with blinding speed.
Rarity was left out of that, wondering why before she turned and saw Clarity.

"I believe it's time for us to clash at last. Rarity" Clarity said with a grin. Rarity growled at her, and as much as she hated to get dirty, she prepared herself and became ready for battle.

With the others

Tails dodged an attack from a White Dwarf before blasting it with his arm cannon. The White Dwarf stumbled a bit before a maniacal laugh came from it and it charged at Tails again. Tails dodged again and fired another shot, doing his best to keep the creature at bay.

Sonic was wearing a grin as he and a Dwarf fought at high speed. Sonic was enjoying a fight against just as fast as him, if not faster. Sonic jumped above a lunge by the Dwarf before bounce attacking it into the ground. It laughed before it vanished and appeared above Sonic, punching him in the jaw and sending him into the ground.

Knuckles punched a Dwarf in the face before it grabbed his arm and pulled him into a forceful stomach punch. Knuckles hunched over in pain fell to his knees before the Dwarf kicked him in the back of the head. Knuckles hit the ground face first.

Shadow fired a Chaos Spear at a Dwarf, hitting it square in the face. It laughed as it turned to him and lunged forward. Shadow punched it right in the face before roundhouse kicking it away.

"Chaos Control" he said, stopping time. He fired a good number of Chaos Spears, around 4 dozen of them, having them hover over the Dwarf. He undid the Chaos Control and watched as all 48 spears struck the Dwarf at the same time. He walked up to the resulting small crater and looked in, seeing the White Dwarf was now a brown one and was turning to dust.

"That was disappointing" Shadow said before turning his attention to Twilight's fight

With Twilight

Twilight fired attack after attack at Midnight, finding each attack to be useless since Midnight seemed to have a much higher master of magic.

"Pitiful" she said before launching another attack. Twilight dodged it and used Chaos Control, managing to stop time. She was surprised by this, but wasted no time. She conjured up several Magic Chaos Spears before ending the Chaos Control, watching as they struck Midnight. The darker mare shrieked from the sting of the attacks before grabbing Twilight with a tendril.

"You'll pay for that you little welp!" she shouted as she drug her closer to her face. Twilight struggled but couldn't get free. As soon as she was close though she fired a chaos spear, nailing Midnight in the face. The tendril released her and Twilight tackled her as she glew a bright red.

"Chaos Blast!" she shouted as the energy exploded forth, crushing Midnight into the ground. Midnight screamed in pain as the attack tore away at her. Twilight panted as the attack ended, smiling that she was able to pull that off. Midnight growled as she crawled out of the crater she was in and tackled Twilight.

"You'll regret ever harming me!" Midnight shouted as she released her own Chaos Blast. Twilight screamed as the attack burned and tore at her. When the attack ended she was lying in a crater.

"Too bad Twilight" Midnight taunted before getting a magic bolt to the face. She rose her hooves to her face, covering it.

"What is it with you and hitting me in the face?" she asked as Twilight climbed out of the crater.

"Boom Headshot" Twilight said with a smirk. Midnight just growled at her, furious.

With the others

Pinkie, Trixie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy had to use their super forms in order to fight the Dwarves and beat them quickly. Only about half of the White Dwarves remained now.

Silver fired a Psychic blade, cutting one in half and killing it. Blaze used her fire to incinerate the one that attacked her. Marine used her power gloves to overpower and defeat one. Vector used his bubble gum bombs to defeat his, while Espio used his ninja tactics and did his best to avoid any kidney shots this time. Charmy and Cream used their childish cunning to cause the white dwarves to fight each other and destroy themselves.

Big used his fishing pole to swing that death ball of his around, trying to hit a Dwarf. It just laughed as it dodged each attack, getting closer to Big. Big grinned before belly bumping the Dwarf before tossing the ball high and yanking it down hard. The ball struck the Dwarf with huge force, making a small hole in the ground from the impact. When he checked to see if it was defeated, all that was there was dust.

Dash was back to back with Sonic, they both smirked before they did a quick switch. Sonic using a Sonic Boom on the one Dash was fighting and Dash using her red lightning to destroy the one Sonic was fighting. Both of the Dwarves became dust. Dash cheered before planting a kiss on Sonics lips before flying off to help the others. He blinked before going around to help as well.

Amy had seen that, her eye twitched as rage and confusion and flat out denial of what she saw built up. A Dwarf approached her and was hit by the hammer as she realized what she saw was the truth. She turned to the Dwarf with pure rage and hatred in her eyes before pummeling it mercilessly to death.

With Rarity

Rarity charged at Clarity, who met her halfway. The two ponies clashed and Rarity batted Clarity in the face with a hoof. Clarity growled before punching Rarity and knocking her to the ground. Rarity curled up, trying to protect her body.

"How pathetic…you're so scared of a simple fight." Clarity said with a scowl before Rarity grinned and quickly rose up. She coiled her hind legs and bucked Clarity right in the jaw. Clarity felt the blood run down her chin from taking that hit.

"Who says being a Drama Queen is a bad thing?" she asked.

"I'll show you why" Clarity said before blasting her with her magic, it didn't do any damage though.

"It didn't do anything" Rarity said. Clarity just smiled.

"I was named Clarity because I can see all the desires of the heart. And now that I know yours, it's my weapon" she said as she activated the energy that was seeping into Rarity.
Rarity fell to the ground as the energy began to settle in her heart. Images flashed by, words of disgust entered her ears. All her worst fears, they seemed so real as they were shown in front of her. Other's hating her, and her designs. Her friends, and even Fancy Pants were amongst these illusions.

She began to cry as she curled up, as if to protect herself.

Rouge, after seeing that got worried. The Dwarf smirked and went for a punch. Shadow intercepted the punch, catching the fist. Rouge saw that and smiled.

"Go!" Shadow said before tossing the Dwarf back. She nodded and ran to Rarity, and to say she was prepared for this part would be an understatement. She saw Rarity in a slump, muttering things of discouragement.

"I'm no good as a fashonista….I'm no good as a pony….I'm just a nopony…I'm nothing…" she said through her utter depression.

Rouge could feel déjà vu creeping into her chest as she heard Rarity utter those words.

"You can do this Rarity! Remember when I thought myself a failure when we were captured by that Fancy Pants guy? You cheered me up, helped me get back on my feet. Now It's my turn to get you up" Rouge said. "You can't lose to some cheap imitation! Show her how true originality is supposed to be." She cheered on.

Rarity stood up shakily as she felt her confidence rise and rise.

"Yes, I'll show her just what I'm made of." She said before her element appeared and the earth at her feet rose up and covered her completely. A blinding flash occurred and when it faded Rarity was standing there with Gemstone armor. A helmet similar to the one Dash had her make per her instructions, before finding out it stank, was on her head. It was made of multiple jewels. Along her body was armor similar to the royal guards, only made of ruby sapphire and emerald. Her hooves had gemstone slippers on them. Her legs even had protective gemstone armor. She stood there not as Rarity, but as Gemstone Rarity.
Clarity growled at that.

"You don't learn do you? I'll just break you again!" she shouted before releasing a pulse of her power again. Rarity smiled as she was hit by the energy, she kept smiling as she fired it back at Clarity.

Clarity could feel the power hitting her, settling quick. She growled at Rarity with hate in her eyes.

"You'll pay for that!" she shouted as she charged forward. Suddenly she stopped and seemed to get very frightened before screaming bloody murder. Rarity smiled at that before stomping the ground. Stalagmites of gemstone rose from the earth, piercing Clarity. Three times she was pierced, her blood running down the stalagmites.

"Damn…you…." She said quietly before she faded away, completely defeated.

"Wonder what caused her to flip out like that" Rouge wondered.

"Simple, she can take your heart's desire and turn it into her weapon. She creates illusions deep in your heart that end up in your head and cause you to become, well you saw what happened to me." She said.

"So what was her heart's desire?" Rouge asked.

"To not be seen as a copy" Rarity replied a bit sadly.

With Twilight

"So it seems Clarity has died" Midnight said before she felt the power enter her, her fur became black as she gained more power. All her previous injuries now gone.

"And you're next, Twilight" Midnight said with an evil smile. Twilight was panting lightly, this situation was getting ugly real fast. Midnight laughed as she used her power to toss Twilight into the air before summoning tendrils to whip at her, cutting and injuring the lavender unicorn before she fell to the ground.

"Time to finish this" Midnight said as she approached her and charged a mighty spell, one strong enough to kill Twilight if it hit.

Shadow noticed Twilight was in trouble and used Chaos Control to get between her and Midnight at the moment Midnight fired her attack, striking him point blank. He fell to the ground, in so much pain that he was numb from it. Midnight growled in rage at that.

Twilight saw that and went to his side, "Shadow no!" she cried out as tears formed.

"Twilight…you can't let her win…" Shadow said weakly.

"I can't beat her…" Twilight said. "Save your strength please" she pleaded as tears fell.

"You can beat her…you told me about when you got your cutie mark…don't push that power away, embrace it…do it…for me…" he said.

"Shadow…" she sobbed softly as she looked into his half open eyes.

"Twilight, you can do this…I know you can…Twilight" now or never. "I…" say it "I…lo.." getting dark "I…lov..Love…y..o..u" he managed to say before his eyes shut. Twilight's eyes were wide opened as she cried even more.

"Shadow! Please wake up! Please…" she said, shaking him as she continued to sob.

"you can't leave me…" she said.

"Don't worry. You'll be joining him soon!" Midnight said as she fired the attack again. Twilight screamed in utter rage as the attack hit her but did no damage.

"Impossible…" Midnight said before Twilight's element appeared on her head and her eyes went blank, glowing an intense white. Her hair became more like Celestia and Luna's hair. Her fur became a more brilliant shade as her eyes shifted back. She glowed the essence of magic. She stood there in her Super form, Arcane Twilight.

"I'll make you regret ever being born!" she shouted at Midnight before firing an Arcane bolt at her. The bolt struck Midnight right on the horn, destroying it. Midnight was beyond shocked at this.

Twilight smiled as a circle appeared around Midnight.

"Tartarus Eruption!" she shouted as the energy of a 1000 deadly beasts erupted from below Midnight, destroying her entirely. Her screams faded with the attack, finally the NightMare 7 were no more. The last of them was dead now.

Twilight turned to Shadow and touched him with her horn, he opened his eyes and smiled at her before standing up.

"I knew you could do-" he was interrupted by her lips pressing against his and her fore legs wrapping around him. He kissed her back as he wrapped his arms around her.

"I love you too, Shadow" she said with a smile. He just smiled back at her, feeling very happy.

With Luna

Luna charged at Stargazer, turning into a magic missile and slamming into him. Stargazer groaned from the hit before kicking her off and holding out his hand.

"Pisces Pull!" he shouted as he used his power to pull her back to him. Once close enough he punched her, sending her flying before using Pisces pull again to make her come close again. He kept this up, as if he was the paddle and she was the ball of a paddle-ball. Luna managed to recover after about the sixth hit or so and fired a Lunar Bolt into his face, causing him to reel back.

"You'll regret that" he said before focusing his power. "Gemini Split!" he said as he split into two.

"Libra Balance!" he said, making the two halves exactly equal in power.

"Sword of Aries" both said before identical swords appeared in their hands.
Luna growled before the two Stargazers rushed at her, ready to cut her into pieces. They both smiled evilly.

"Taurus Charge" they said in unison before ramming into her, knocking her off balance before they both went to attacking with their swords. She could feel the stings of the swords cutting her skin. Her legs, belly, and back received multiple cuts. She growled before using a pulse of Lunar Magic to repel the two attackers.

The two Stargazers laughed as they were pushed back, enjoying this advantage they had. Luna growled before firing Lunar Blades at them. They dodged and she tried again and again, missing each time. She growled again before using tendrils of lunar energy to grab them before sending blades at them and cutting them. She then grinned as she began to focus her magic.

The blood that emerged from the two Stargazers floated to her horn, same as her own blood. It collected and swirled around before she looked up and smiled.

"Blood Bomb!" she said as the blood flew forward and entered the two Stargazers through their cuts. Soon one of them began to expand before exploding in a violent, bloody mess. The blood and guts vanished, since it was the clone. The real one felt the blood explode from his orifices, leaving him in a bad position. He broke free of the tendril before using Aquarius to repair the internal damage.

They both just stared each other down now.

With the others

Gemstone Rarity and Arcane Twilight arrived and used their newfound power to eradicate what remained of the dwarves.

The White Dwarves were all beaten, everyone was worn out from fighting those things. Rainbow Dash smiled at Rarity and Twilight, happy they helped.

"Nice job you guys" Dash said. Rarity and Twilight just smiled.

"Thank you Dash" Rarity said happily.

"Thanks" Twilight said before a loud boom caught their attention, turning their gaze to the sky they saw Luna and Stargazer staring each other down and panting.

With Luna

Stargazer knew he was doomed now, his energy was low and without all the stars in the sky he couldn't restore any power.

Luna smirked, "Come on. That all you got?" she taunted, he growled before firing a Sagittarius Shot at her. The arrow flew and struck her, but didn't hurt her. Instead the arrow dissipated on contact.

"I guess that is all you got. Finally, I can end this" Luna said.

//dammit, summoning those White Dwarves and using those abilities…especially an Aquarius for that level of injury in daylight was pretty stupid of me…// he thought.

Stargazer began to panic, he was cornered and it seemed he had no way out. He glanced down and noticed the emeralds, with a smile he put what he had left into rushing down there.

//perfect, I can use those to become unstoppable// he thought as he got closer and closer.

He quickly flew through the group of Heroes, attacking the ones with emeralds and stealing them before appearing behind them with all 7 in his possession. Stargazer laughed as the emeralds circled around him.

"Now Chaos Emeralds! Grant me my youth!" he said before the emeralds glowed brightly and began to grant his wish. His body began to change as his muscles became larger and toned, his skin went from pastel white to a mild tan, the two silver bars met at his chest, making an X. His eyes were intense and silver in color. The X was engulfed by the shroud and changed from a pleasant form to that of an intense geyser. Each end seeming to spew the intensity of his energy at an intense rate. The red and black of his suit was altered a bit as the shroud on his head turned into a fiery hair do. It seemed to geyser out of his head, same as the X on his chest. His hair seemed to glow and radiate like pure plasma, much like the X.

"Behold Equestria!" he said in a more youthful deep voice. "Your new lord and master stands before you!" he exclaimed as he used his power to make the night sky appear with a full moon and many stars. Our heroes gazed at him with determination to stop him, he just laughed. The final clash against Stargazer, has begun.
Well, here it is. Chapter 50.

my god...i never thought it would get this far. i want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for this.

you all read it, reviewed it, even talked with me and gave me ideas. the list is too big for me to thank individuals, but i seriously want to thank you all so much for this.

i especially want to thank Lauren Faust for coming up with Friendship is Magic. and Yuji Naka for making Sonic. were it not for them, this story that i'm writing wouldn't exist.

this chapter is also the longest at 4000+ words

MLP:FIM is copyright of Hasbro and Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Sonic is copyright of Sega and Sonic Team

Stargazer, Starblazers, Red Giant, White Dwarf, NightMare 7, Element of Humility concept, NightMare 6, Turbo Tails concept, The Room of Self-Actualization, Egg Emperor Mk II concept, and the super form concept of the elements of harmony are my creations
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