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August 20, 2012
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Reach for the Stars

Stargazer laughed as he descended toward the ground, hovering just above it. Luna growled at him as she fired a lunar bolt, hitting him in the face. Stargazer's head reeled back from the hit before he slowly moved it upright again. His smile grew wider, since he didn't feel that at all. What's worse is that he wasn't even damaged at all. Luna was shocked by this, earlier she had him on the ropes. How could using the emeralds create such a drastic shift in the difference of their power?

Stargazer held out a hand, pointing a finger at her before a small Sagittarius arrow was fired out of it. It struck Luna and sent her flying at high speed, she crashed through several trees before finally stopping. She stood up and looked where the arrow hit her, her eyes widening as she gazed at it. There on her shoulder was a wound, and she could tell from the amount of blood that was coming out of it that it was a pretty good depth into her.

Stargazer was as happy as could be, to see his former glory restored. He began to laugh, loving every second of being on top.

"How marvelous!" he exclaimed as he began to focus his power. Up above, where the stars were in the sky many arrows began to form.

"Sagittarius Shower!" he said as he swung his hand. The many arrows began to fall toward Equestria. Striking houses, civilians, and whatever else they could find. Panic began to settle in the hearts of the Equestrians, so much destruction and suffering being brought from above.


Shining Armor, after being instructed by Celestia upon seeing those arrows in the sky, cast his city wide barrier. He smiled as the arrows struck the barrier, but nothing prepared him for what happened next. His barrier shattered immediately and the arrows rained down onto the city. The screams of the citizens of Canterlot rang out as the arrows destroyed everything they touched. He looked up to the sky and saw more and more raining down from the stars, as if each star was firing more than one arrow. He immediately grew concerned over his wife and unborn child and ran to her side.

"Shining Armor…what do we do?" Cadence asked, scared out of her mind.

"Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you" he said softly as he made a barrier around the two of them, focusing on adding more and more layers to it. Cadence could see him begin to struggle and placed her horn against his to give him strength. An arrow struck the barrier and cracked it, and it wasn't a small crack like what Shining was hoping for. Oh no, this was a big one and another hit like that would shatter the barrier.

Unfortunately luck was not on their side as another arrow struck and shattered the barrier. Shining and Cadence fell to the ground from the destruction of their barrier. Turning their gaze to the sky they watched as the arrows got closer. Shining held her close, not wanting to let her go.

Celestia arrived just in time to use her magic to get them out of harm's way.

"Come on!" she said as she led them to a staircase that went below the palace. At the bottom of the staircase was a large room, a bunker. They got situated in there with all the others as Celestia grew worried.

"Please be safe…" She said softly.

Somewhere in Equestria

Metal Sonic had himself, Gilda, and Mephiles in his black shield. Each arrow that struck it made tiny cracks which quickly mended themselves when fewer arrows were hitting.

"How has it not shattered yet?" Gilda asked.

"This shield is designed to absorb the energy of an impact and disperse it evenly throughout the shield. If a crack occurs the nanites that line the shield's inner membrane repair it when the shield isn't under heavy stress" Metal replied

"Oh, that makes sense…I think" Gilda said. Mephiles just watched the arrows, curious about them.

"What is causing these?" he asked.

"Probably that damned Stargazer creature" Metal said as his shield blipped a bit.

"What was that?" Gilda asked.

"That was my shield starting to fail" he said as it did it again.

"Why is it failing?" she asked, panicked.

"Never did one this big before, plus it was just designed to cover my body. So the added size has put unnecessary stress on it." he said before it failed, luckily the arrows stopped at this point.

"Fortune smiles upon us" Gilda said before Mephiles tapped her shoulder.

"Then what's that?" he asked, pointing behind them where a whole army of Starblazers was forming.

"Annoying" Metal said to answer Mephiles' question.

Outside of Ponyville

Stargazer laughed at the carnage he produced, and kept laughing as the carnage resumed with all the Starblazers that spawned from the arrows.

"I always love the sound of screaming and destruction. It's like a lullaby" he said as he closed his eyes and held out his arms in a pose of relaxation as he listened and heard the screams of the citizens. A huge smile formed on his face as he reveled in the melodic agony of Equestria.

Sonic clenched his teeth as he growled at Stargazer. His hands balling tightly into fists as he gazed at this twisted individual.

Luna took to the air before using her magic to turn into a magic missile as she launched herself at Stargazer. He opened one eye and watched as she got closer. As soon as she was close enough he held out his hand and stopped her completely.

"Too bad" he said as he grabbed her horn and swung her around before slamming her hard into the ground. He took off into the air before making a bow of light appear.

"Sagittarius Barrage!" he said as he fired the weapon, though instead of one arrow he fired hundreds. All of them grouped together as they flew down and struck Luna. Her shrieks of pain and agony filled the air as she was shot repeatedly.

Stargazer laughed as he ended the attack, "Poor Luna. Unable to do anything against me. Just like always" he said before a tendril came up and struck him. Though it did no damage it did do something else. It quickly went to Sonic and dropped the 7 emeralds in front of him, which were grayed out due to their negativity being sapped.

Luna smiled from inside the small crater she lay in. Her body bloody from all the wounds. The tendril vanished as she closed her eyes.

"Give him hell…Sonic" she said softly.

"Seems she was able to do something useful after all" Stargazer said with a smirk.

"Too bad it won't save you from me in the slightest" he boasted. Sonic glared at him before stepping forward.

"You think that you can just terrorize and kill people for the hell of it?!" he asked, full of anger.

"You think it's fun to torture the innocent?! To watch them suffer and die a miserable death?!"

Stargazer just smiled, "How cute, the little guy has a big mouth" he said.

"I'll make you pay for all the suffering you've caused! For the sake of my friends, Equestria, and Luna! I will make you pay!" he said as a mighty roar escaped him, the emeralds floated around him. His fur slowly transitioned from blue to yellow as his quills stood up. In an explosion of light and power Sonic transformed into Super Sonic.

He hovered above the ground a bit, his golden fur glowing with an intense aura. He opened his eyes, revealing red eyes that burned with determination and fury.

Dash's jaw dropped as she gazed at him, this was the first time she saw his super form. The only word she could say about it was, "Wow"

Sonic looked up at Stargazer, who seemed unimpressed. He rose up into the air, staring Stargazer down. This stare down lasted a good while as they both tried to size the other up before Sonic blasted forward with incredible speed.

Stargazer didn't see it coming and soon felt the hard hit of Sonic's fist meeting his jaw. Stargazer flew back a bit from the hit //What?!// he thought in shock.

Sonic came up from below and kneed his back before going above him and kicking him hard in the chest. Stargazer stopped himself from flying too far and growled at Sonic.

//That actually hurt…// Stargazer thought in anger, his seemingly invincible younger self just experienced pain from not one, not two, but three consecutive attacks. His earlier high from gaining his youth quickly faded as he tried to comprehend that this little hedgehog not only succeeded in hitting him, but hurting him as well.

"Little insect! You'll regret that!" he shouted as he fired a Sagittarius Shot at him. Sonic swatted it away with his hand. It stung a little, but at least the arrow was gone. Stargazer was shocked at this, this little hedgehog was fighting on equal ground with him.
Sonic rushed at him again, Stargazer blocked the incoming punch and threw his own. Sonic dodged it before kicking Stargazer in the side. Stargazer groaned before grabbing Sonic's head and punching him square in the face.

Sonic reeled back a bit before going higher and curling into a ball before using his Super Bounce to slam into Stargazer and crash him into the ground. He then kept bouncing on him, slamming into him several times before Stargazer used his Cancer Shield to block the next one. He stood up and wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth. Wait…Blood?!

He checked his hand, and sure enough the gooey red substance was there. He snapped, this was the last straw. It wasn't so much the being hit and injured that bothered him, no it was the fact that Sonic had made him bleed. He gritted his teeth as he focused his power.
"Gemini Split!" he said as he split into two.

"Libra Balance!" he said, making their energy levels equal. The two smirked before charging at Sonic. Sonic acted fast and used his spin dash to avoid them before turning around, starting to swing his arm in a large arc as energy filled it.

"Super Sonic Wind!" he said as he fired a blade of air at them, it struck them both in their arms. Both of them losing their arms from a little above their elbows. The clone now missing his left arm and the real one missing his right. They both growled as they used Aquarius to restore their lost limbs.

"That's twice you've made me bleed" he said with anger. They both held up two fingers and began to charge energy into them.

"Star Cutter!" they said in unison as they fired a blade of energy, purple in color. The two blades went straight for Sonic. Sonic acted fast and dodged them, watching as they flew off and hit a cliff face. They blades vanished and became millions of tiny blades that flurried around and completely obliterated a small area around them. The cliff face had a shiny indent from the blades carving it a smooth finish.

"Whoa…good thing that wasn't me" Sonic said before he was punched in the stomach. Stargazer grinned as he launched him upwards where his clone kicked him. Stargazer flew up and kicked him as well. Back and forth Sonic flew as he was attacked, he slowly began to focus energy as he was knocked around like a ping pong ball.

//Hope this works again…just like when I used a fake emerald…Chaos…// Just before he was hit for the umpteenth time he vanished and struck Stargazer from behind.

"Super Sonic Wind!" he said as he fired it at the clone, cutting it in half and killing it. Stargazer caught himself on the ground and looked up, angered even further by this.

"Chaos Control saves my bacon once again" Sonic said with a grin before noticing Stargazer was headed right for him. He smirked as he charged wind and sound energy into his arm before charging at Stargazer to meet him halfway. Stargazer fired arrows at him, Sonic dove low and quickly came straight up.

"Sonic Boom!" he said as he punched Stargazer right in the gut. The energy exploded forth with the intensity of a Sonic Boom. Stargazer could feel the blood flying forth from his throat and out of his mouth from the sheer intensity of the hit. He was sent flying high into the sky, Sonic smirked as he charged another one up and flew up at high speed going past Stargazer and then turning around. He flew at full speed toward Stargazer, his eyes shining bright with his will to win.

"Sonic Boom!" he said as he slammed his fist into Stargazer's back, the energy exploded forth once again. Stargazers back arched as he cried out in pain from the hit.

Luna smirked at hearing him suffer, it was lovely music to her ears. Stargazer fell to the ground at high speed, slamming face first into the dirt with a loud crash.

Sonic descended, landing near the small crater. Stargazer was in pure agony, he spine was broken, his ribs weren't much better. His internal organs were failing. He vomited more blood as he tried to summon the strength to move his arm, but no matter how hard he tried it wouldn't move.

"How does it fell? To suffer like the hundreds you so recently enjoyed harming?" Sonic asked. Stargazer growled before finally managing to use Aquarius to heal, he then jumped out and punched Sonic in the face. Sonic fell to the ground and tumbled a bit before coming to a stop.

"This is far from over Hedgehog!" he shouted as he held out his arms. The stars glowed brightly before he too became enveloped in that light. A sigh of refreshment came from him as the glow faded.

"One thing I love about starry nights. Is that my power is drawn from them." He said proudly. "As long as there are stars in the sky, I will never lose" he said. Sonic just glared at him, lower on energy than before and he could tell Stargazer was back at full. This was looking bad, real bad.
Sonic has become Super and is giving Stargazer a run for his money.
But with the starry sky above it seems Stargazer is unbeatable. with Sonic running low on power, how will he defeat Stargazer?

MLP:FIM is copyright of Hasbro and Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Sonic is copyright of Sega and Sonic Team

Stargazer, Starblazers, Red Giant, White Dwarf, NightMare 7, Element of Humility concept, NightMare 6, Turbo Tails concept, The Room of Self-Actualization, Egg Emperor Mk II concept, and the super form concept of the elements of harmony are my creations
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VGFanatic23 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
thanks, it means a lot to hear this from people who read my story. the next chapter will be out soon. hopefully before i go to bed.
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mickey16 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
With the help from his friends of course!
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