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October 6, 2012
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Hearts and Hooves Day Afternoon

Amy sat on her bed, just gazing at wall. Her eyes half open, her brain quiet, and her body still. How long she had been like that? Even she lost track, a few hours maybe? She wasn't entirely sure, nor did she care for that matter. Even after a whole 35 days she still couldn't get over the sight she had seen. Sure she was slowly starting to piece it together and maybe even do the impossible, which was to move on and look for another love interest. This day however, proved to be something she didn't need, it made her mind slowly tear itself open along with her heart as she remembered seeing Dash kiss Sonic. At first her reaction was less than pleased, but they were in a fight to save the world, so she just wrote it off. As time went on though, it got worse. She saw them together more and everything in-between.

She sighed as she continued to stare at the wall, her tears long since dried up from the morning. She debated on going back to bed and just sleep it off, turning her head to the pillow and sighing again she began to go for lying down. A knock at the door however stopped her, she turned to the door and blinked slowly.

"Come in" she said softly. The door opened, revealing Rouge, Cream, and Blaze.

"Hey girl, thought we'd come by to try and cheer you up" Rouge said with a smile. Amy smiled weakly at her. "Even brought the Apple family's famous Cider" she said as Blaze popped the cork on the barrel she had been carrying.

"Thanks girls" she said, glad they were there to help her.

About 1 hour and several mugs of Cider later

Amy was talking more, but was pretty much still a wreck.

"Come on girl, you gotta let that stuff go" Rouge said, wanting her to lighten up.

"Let it go?" she asked as images of Sonic flashed in her mind. "Let it go?!" she asked getting angry. "I'll never let him go!!!" she shouted as she summoned her long hammer and busted through the wall, going on a manhunt for Sonic.

Knuckles smiled as he finished setting up the best romantic scenario he could do with plywood, duct tape, and paint.

"Well it may not be the best, but at least I did it all myself, with all my heart." He said before looking around and sighing. "Sure am glad no one else heard that" he said before a scream was heard and about 2 seconds later something pink stormed through, trashing his hard work in an instant. His eye twitched at the sight of his ruined work.

"Dammit all!" he shouted before panic set in. "She'll be here any minute!" he said as he tried to restore what was destroyed. No matter what he tried though, it kept falling apart. "Ah man…" he said. "I sure hope she doesn't see this…" he said

"What shouldn't I see?" Applejack asked from behind him. He jumped and turned to face her quickly. With a nervous grin on his face.

"Nothing!" he said with a nervous chuckle.

"Knuckles, what did I say bout lying to me?" She asked.

"That I'd have a better chance of leading a horse to water and convincing it to drink" he said. She nodded happily at that.

"Now what happened?" she asked.

"I forgot to set up something for today for us. And I couldn't get anything last minute so I started making my own romantic setting for us, and that…well it's over there and in that tree, and floating in that pond over yonder" he said before turning to her. "I'm sorry Applejack" he said softly. Applejack walked up to him and embraced him in a hug.

"You're not mad?" he asked

"Oh I'm plenty disappointed in ya" she said before kissing him lovingly. "But I reckon you trying to make up for your mistake and owning up to it. Your heart was in the right place, so I'm happy you went so out of your way for me" she said.

"I love you Applejack, happy hearts and hooves day" he said. She smiled

"I love you too ya big knucklehead" she said.


Eggman was walking down the hall of his base, humming a happy tune to himself as he did so. Taking a quick detour to enter the kitchen and grab a turkey club sub and resuming his walk.

"Turkey Club, yum yum yum" he said to the tune of what he was humming before taking a bite and sitting in front of his main computer. He swallowed what was in his mouth before typing a few keys.

"Service Bot 37298 reporting" the bot said as it saluted him from the other side of the screen.

"Excellent response time, how goes the construction?" he asked.

"Sir, we have achieved 60% completion"

"And the power matrix?"

"We have run substantial tests, it may be able to handle the stress of the energy required."

"Maybe isn't good enough. I want to know with 100% certainty that it won't meltdown or explode or anything when handling the energy" he said sternly.

"Yes sir, we will work on that."

"Eggman out" he said before closing communication and sighing before taking another bite of his sub. The base alarm began to sound as he chewed.

"Intruder Alert!" the intercom sounded repeatedly. Eggman swallowed his food and rubbed his forehead.

"Lovely" he said sarcastically as he turned in his chair only to be met with Gilda and Mephiles. "Even more lovely" he said before disengaging the alarm and staring at them. "What do you want?" he asked.

"Ah good sir, I guess you could say I'm looking for Technical Support" Gilda said.

"Metal sent you didn't he?" he asked as he took another bite.

"Nope, I'm here of my own accord. But while we're on the subject of Metal." She said

"She wants to get him a gift for Hearts and Hooves Day" Mephiles said, interrupting her.

"Mephiles!" she shrieked at him, red in the face. Eggman nearly choked on his sub, managing to swallow it before entering a gut busting laugh.

"Oh that's rich!" Eggman said as he slapped his knee, still laughing.

"Shut up!" she shouted, but it fell on deaf ears as he continued to laugh. Finally Eggman calmed down enough to finish his sub.

"So, you seriously think he'd care about a gift you got him? The only thing he cares about is power, and ruling over all living things" Eggman said. "He won't concern himself with petty emotions, they're more of a hindrance on him than anything"

"You're wrong! I can tell…he's got something deep inside of him…" Gilda said somberly. Eggman just sighed before pressing a few keys. A robot entered with a strange device and presented it to Gilda.

"Fresh off the production line. If you're so dead set on this, then give it to him." He said as she took it into her claws.

"Pleasure doing business" she said as she turned to leave with Mephiles.

"Don't say I didn't warn you" he said before she took off. "Mephiles was it?" he asked, the creature turned to him.

"Yes, what of it?" he asked.

"Those same eyes…it's certainly been a while. Chrysalis" he said. Mephiles just turned away and began to walk.

"That was my name" he said, emphasis on was.

"What are you up to?" he asked, "Why follow my bot and his bird brain companion?"

"Revenge…" Mephiles said as he vanished in darkness, leaving Eggman there to lean back in his chair.

"Things get worse before they get better" he said with a sigh as he got a transmission from his recon bots. He pressed a key and played with his mustache a bit. "Go ahead" he said.

"We found it, sir" the robot said, Eggman turned to the screen quicker than he could blink and stared at the screen. A huge smile appeared on his face.

"Excellent, start gathering data" he said.

"Yes sir!" the robot said before the transmission ended.

"I guess things are gonna get better after all" he said with a laugh.


Everypony was making sure they were either inside or just off the street at least, while a certain angry pink hedgehog stormed through, looking for Sonic.

"You can cook?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Of course I can" Sonic said as they entered Ponyville. "Say…where is everypony?" he wondered before he saw a little pink dot in the distance.

"Sonic" it said in a scary voice before it started to get closer. Sonic realized it was Amy and that she was running at full speed with her long hammer. He screamed in pure horror as she got closer and closer.

"Is that Amy?" Dash asked.

"Yes! Now run!" he said before grabbing her hoof and running at high speed with Amy in hot pursuit.

"Get your ass back here!" Amy shouted

Dash was blushing from Sonic touching her hoof and started to flap her wings to fly at his running speed. "Sheesh! What's gotten into her?" she wondered

"I'm gonna clip your wings!" she shouted as she got even closer.

"Step on it!" he shouted as they increased speed to keep away from Amy.

With Shadow and Twilight

Finally they arrived where Shadow was taking them, smiling as he moved some vegetation aside, revealing a rare flower. One so rare that Twilight only had seen it once at another time in her life. It was a cosmic rose, it was a perfect crossbreed between a Lunar Rose and Sunlit Rose. It sparkled beautifully like the sunlit rose and gave off a soft glow like the lunar rose. But rather than the petals being gold or silver, they were a starry diamond color.

"I found it yesterday in bud form, and I was too worried to pick it, due to the fact I don't know what it is" he said, the flower in full bloom.

"It's beautiful. And I'm glad you didn't pick it, it would've died in your hands. It must be removed with magic" she said before easily doing so and holding it in front of her. "This makes the second time I've seen a Cosmic Rose. Thank you Shadow" she said before kissing him lovingly. He kissed her back with a smile.

"You're quite welcome" he said.

"Now let's get this baby home and get to preserving it. Might have to dig out that old flower pot" she said. Shadow smiled and walked with her back to the library.

With Spike and Sweetie

Rarity went out to look for Spike and Sweetie Belle, since it was dinner time. Luckily she had a good idea where they went, since she knew the clearing that Spike was most likely referring to. She had gone there herself many times for inspiration on fashion. She reached the clearing and smiled uttering a soft "Aaw" at the sight.

Spike and Sweetie Belle were curled up in the clearing, snuggled close to one another and sleeping peacefully. Rarity found it adorable and as much as she'd hate to do this, she had to wake them up.

"Spike, Sweetie Belle, wake up little one's" she said softly. The two sets of eyes fluttered open and yawns escaped them.

"Huh?" he asked, turning and seeing Rarity.

"Five more minutes" Sweetie mumbled cutely.

"It's time for dinner" Rarity said, upon hearing that both their stomachs grumbled loudly. All three soon found themselves laughing at that before Spike and Sweetie got up and stretched.

"Well then, what are we waiting for?" he asked. Sweetie agreed and soon all three were on their way back to the boutique for some dinner.

With Tails and Fluttershy

"Did you see that?" Tails asked as they made their way back to the cottage.

"Oh my yes, Amy didn't look too happy." She said. "Do you think Rainbow and Sonic are going to be alright?" she asked.

"Yeah, Sonic's escaped worse, so I'm sure he'll be just fine" he said as they landed at the front door.

"Well if you're not worried then I'm not worried" she said as they entered the home. Tails was met with a carrot between the eyes, causing him to fall backwards and hit the floor.

"Angel Bunny" Fluttershy said in a tone that said the little rabbit should be ashamed of himself. Angel was dressed in full army gear. A shirt, pants, boots, helmet, and war paint. He just sat from his position behind a few books on the couch with a serious expression as he pointed to his bed. Turning her gaze she saw that Changer was fast asleep in it. Stifling a giggle she went over to the little changeling. Tails sat up and rubbed his head where the carrot hit him.

"This means war fuzzy" he said to the rabbit who just glared at him, accepting the challenge.

"Changer, wake up. Mommy's home" she said sweetly, the changeling awoke and turned to her, smiling happily. "You know you're not supposed to be in Angel Bunny's bed" she said. Changer looked over to the rabbit and grinned sheepishly before getting out.

"Now you two behave" she said as she got to feeding her animals their dinner.

"I'll get started on our dinner" Tails said as he entered the kitchen. Changer went up to Angel and licked his cheek, earning a rabbit kick to the snout which made the changeling laugh as he tried to get Angel to lighten up and play.

With Pinkie

"Well, that was certainly one way to hide it" Pinkie said after taking a bite of an apple that said For Pinkie carved into it. After taking a bite she noticed the clue was inside it and began to read it.

"The final clue, I have a special present for you" she read and arched a brow before a big smile appeared on her face. "Oooh I wonder what kind of surprise?" she said as eagerness built, turning around she was met with her answer. Espio was hanging from a low branch, upside down. And as soon as she turned her lips met his in a kiss.

"Surprise" he said with a smile. She smiled back before kissing him again, liking this surprise.

"You're technique is good, who knows you might get as good as me" she said with a smile.

"Happy hearts and hooves day" he said as he got down and stood in front of her.

"Happy hearts and hooves day" she said before nuzzling up against him, happy as could be.

With Vector and Vinyl

Vector and Vinyl were currently hiding from a crowd of Vinyl's fans. Most of them being lovesick ponies due to this date.

"You sure don't get a break do ya?" Vector asked in a hushed voice.

"Only on special holidays do I hate having fans" she said in a hushed voice as well. "And my house is so close too!" she said, bummed out now.

"We need to think of a way to get you there."

"Live bait" Vinyl said after some thought

"Great idea…Hey!" Vector said realizing where she was going with this.

"Come on Vex you can create a diversion and I can get to safety" she said.

"What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?" he asked.

Next thing the crowd of fans knew they heard bongos going off and saw a green crocodile doing the hula. As this happened Vinyl snuck into her home and Vector grinned as he finished the song.

"Everypony go home now. OY!" he did a pelvic thrust before running quickly into Vinyl's home.

"What just happened?" one pony asked, earning shrugs all around.

"Good job Vex" she said with a smile.

"Thanks." He said between pants from the entire hip shaking dance.

With Silver and Trixie

They stood in front of her house and both were smiling at each other. "Thank you Silver, I had a lot of fun." She said happily.

"I had fun too" he said happily, glad she enjoyed it. She leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

"I'd like to do it again sometime" she said.

"Definitely" Silver said with a smile.

"Hey, would you like to spend the night…with me?" she asked, blushing that she'd even ask that question, but she didn't want to be alone.

"Um…sure" he said as he smiled more. She entered the home with him and smiled happily at them, both of them blushing.

"Now just because we're going to share a bed doesn't mean there's any funny business to be had" she said.

"Don't worry" Silver said with a chuckle.

"I mean…not that I have a problem with funny business" she said as she looked into his eyes and trotted closer to him. He blushed madly and gulped a bit as he gazed back into her eyes before both of them moved closer and kissed.
Trixie is quite a seductive little thing :iconquagmireplz:

next chapter will wrap up Hearts and Hooves day.

MLP:FIM is copyright of Hasbro and Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Sonic is copyright of Sega and Sonic Team
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