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October 27, 2013
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A Nightmare for A Night

Luna looked around herself, confused. Darkness, that’s all there was. Nothing could be seen except for the vast empty void that filled the space with nothing but an inky black. She began to walk forward, hoping to find some shimmer of light, for this darkness was familiar and yet not. It reminded her of how trapped she felt when under the influence of Nightmare Moon, but she made peace with her other self, so why was she in a void of such despair?  It was then a faint glow could be seen, the faint sound of breathing accompanying it. The glow would intensify with each intake of air, revealing broad shoulders on whatever this creature was.  Cautiously she began to approach it, feeling heavier with each step. Her throat tightened and pupils dilated as she felt her adrenaline begin to soar.

She opened her mouth, no words came. No sound came. Nothing, just like the void before her. She was sweating bullets as she tried to make sense of this. She felt so helpless, so afraid of what she couldn’t understand. An intense heat soon washed over her, as the heat warmed every inch of her body to the point a puddle of sweat formed on the ground a foreboding feeling sank in. This sense of dread was so intense that she began to cry. Her fear causing her to go completely numb in every sense of the word.

She tried to move, but try as she might her body wouldn’t move. She strained, begged, and pleaded for her muscles to move. They responded by locking up and tightening, refusing to budge an inch. Her eyes then moved back to focus on the creature only to realize it was an inch from her snout.  She wanted to scream, but her throat was dry as a desert. Her mind was completely silent, her heart following as her blood chilled.

Two narrow glowing eyes opened, looking right into hers before a grin formed on the creature. “Boo”.

The word, only three letters long was not spoken, yet heard loud and clear. In the depths of her mind a voice she couldn’t comprehend spoke. It was then her adrenaline caused her body to finally spring into action with the loudest scream she ever had.

Canterlot Palace

A maid was making her rounds, ensuring the area she was in charge of was spotless. She held the feather duster in her mouth as she began to dust some expensive vases, before an earsplitting scream erupted from Luna’s room. Each vase shattered as well as every window within the radius of her scream. The volume of it put the royal canterlot voice to shame in terms of how loud it was.

Celestia heard the scream, I mean who couldn’t? Knowing her sister was in distress she immediately made her way to Luna’s room and entered without hesitation. There on the bed she could see Luna curled up in a ball, murmuring to herself as she wept. Rocking gently back and forth as she did her best to calm herself.

“Luna!” Celestia said in shock before rushing to her sister and pulling her into a hug. “It’s okay Luna-a!” she yelped when her sister wrapped her forelegs around her and held her so tight that it squeezed the air out of her.

“Oh Tia-ha-ha!” she sobbed into her sisters coat. “It was horrible!”

“What happened?” Celestia asked with what little air was still in her lungs.

“It was dark, and I couldn’t move, and something came up and said ‘boo’ and then I screamed and” Luna stopped looked up to her sister who was trying not to laugh at the fact something saying “boo” scared her. There were two reasons behind her trying to not laugh, it was for the sake of her sister who was emotionally distressed, and for the sake of herself as she ran out of what was left in her lungs. Luna’s grip thankfully lessened as she looked at her sister quizzically.

“I’m sorry Luna” she said softly as she finally filled her lungs with precious air. “But ‘boo’? Seriously?” she asked with a small grin.

“Tia…this thing…I couldn’t move once I noticed it. It carried an aura of pure dread, it scared me to the point nothing I tried worked until I was so overwhelmed that everything in me exploded into action” she said, her tears having stopped as she began to calm down.

“Not even Stargazer scared you that badly” she pointed out

“Truly, all he did was make me mad,” Luna said “but this thing…all I could think about was running as fast as I could and hoping to the moon and sun it wasn’t faster than me”.

Celestia just smiled before moving behind Luna; before she could say anything more the feeling of a brush going through her hair began to soothe her. Luna always felt calmer when Celestia brushed her mane, just like when they were fillies. She took a deep breath and sighed contentedly as she felt relaxation wash over her.

“It’s alright dear sister, it was but a dream. Besides, we can’t have you frazzled on the one day of the year you always look forward to” Celestia said with a smile.

Luna gasped, “oh my gosh you’re right Tia, I almost forgot tonight is Nightmare Night” she then began to smile and giggle to herself. “We can’t have me spooked out of my own holiday now can we?” she asked. Celestia just smiled as she finished with her sisters mane. “Thank you Tia” she said before hugging her sister.

“You’re welcome, now go make sure you’re all ready for tonight” she said. Luna just bounded happily out of the room.

That night in Ponyville, everypony was dressed up and ready for festivities. The kids were ready to get their bags full of candy. The adults were ready to party. At the town’s local library a group was getting ready, finishing up their costumes.

“There we go” Twilight said, having used a spell to make her coat sparkly while she donned a clerics outfit.

“And you’re supposed to be?” Spike asked, dressed in royal garb as the king of fairies, Oberon.

“Sparkling Health of course” she said with a smile “She founded many different recipes for potions, as well as spells that can heal the sick and injured” she said with a bright smile, too bright in fact.

“I think her teeth weren’t part of the Sparkling” Spike said as he shielded his eyes. Twilight just pouted at him.

“At least you didn’t fight over being King Oberon when I suggested it”

“Are you kidding? I look damn good in this” he said as he looked at himself in the full body mirror before noticing what he said as well as a very shocked and angry Twilight behind him.

“Spike! What did you just say?” she asked sternly

“A bad word?” he asked, knowing this was bad.

“What have I told you about that?”

“To not say it?”

“Until?” she pressed, looking at him.

“Until I’m old enough to live on my own” he said with a sigh.

“Good, now no more swearing, especially out there” she said indicating the outside where everypony was.

“Okay mom” he said sarcastically before getting a light bop on the back of the head.
“Ow!” he said, rubbing the spot he was hit.

“I didn’t hit you that hard” she said before calling upstairs “Shadow are you ready yet?”

“Just finished!” he called back before emerging from the room. He had used a hair tie to hold the two quills on each side of his head together, forming a 3 quill appearance. He was wearing a black cloak with strange chains with symbols on them dangling down. He also had a fake eye on his forehead and had gotten a potion that could alter his eyes for a day. He looked like Black Doom in hedgehog form.

“Whoa…” Spike said

“I second that, what are you supposed to be?” she asked him.

“Black Doom” he said simply.

“Your biological father?” she asked, a bit surprised.

“Yeah, better than nothing” he said, showing he had gloves that made him have three fingers. Two in each finger of the glove with his thumb unchanged.

“Well this should be interesting” She said before a knock came to the door. Shadow was already at the door and about to open it.

“Oh dear Celestia no…” Twilight said, knowing this wouldn’t blow over well.

“Nightmare Night, what a fright. Give us something sweet to bite” a group of 3 fillies and 2 colts said before they looked up and saw Shadow. A grin forming on his face slowly.

“Boo” he said before they all screamed and he laughed before getting hit on the back of the head by Twilight.

“Behave” She said, giving each child 2 pieces of candy to make up for being scared.

“It’s okay Ms. Twilight, that was actually awesome” One colt said before they all laughed and ran to the next house. Shadow just looked at Twilight with a grin.

“Don’t give me that look” she said before making sure they were all ready before heading out with them.

“Let’s go find the others, hopefully their costumes are awesome” Spike said before he noticed something that made him immediately start laughing, which only intensified as the two figures he saw got closer. It was Pinkie Pie and Espio.

Pinkie was dressed as a ninja, and Espio was a clown. The sight was both hilarious and scarring.

“I don’t even think this constitutes a response from me” Shadow said

“Let’s keep it that way” Espio said.

“Oh don’t be such a sourpuss Espy, I think you look cute as a clown” Pinkie said. Espio just blushed, hoping this night would be over soon.

“You see any of the others?” Twilight asked before something came into her vision. It was sonic dressed in a white tuxedo with a blue undershirt and tie, and he was moonwalking. The open tux flapped gently with each movement of his legs. His white hat pulled down to cover his eyes by his hand, and his head slightly bowed before he did a quick spin and pointed at Shadow.

“Hee hee!” he said in as a high a pitch as he could do without his voice cracking. Shadow just face palmed.

“I don’t get it” Twilight said.

“He’s supposed to be Michael Jackson” Shadow answered

“Who?” Spike asked

“A musician from our world that Sonic was actually a good friend of a few years back” Shadow said.

“I still don’t get how it’s cool or scary” Rainbow said as she flew in, dressed in the Mare Do Well costume that Fluttershy gave her after that whole incident.

“He’s the coolest, no one can dance like him” Sonic said before doing the lean from Smooth Criminal, he then did it again going a different direction and this time falling flat on his face.

“Yourself included” Shadow said with a grin. Sonic just turned his head and gave him a glare. Shadow chuckled, finding this too humorous.

Spike just shook his head before taking out a piece of candy, and just before eating it something happened.

“Go go gadget long arm!” Tails could be heard before a hand attached to a lot of wires and metal appeared near Spike and grabbed the candy before retracting back to Tails. He was dressed in a detective suit, much like Inspector Gadget.

“Hey!” Spike said

“Sorry Spike, too hard to resist” he said before stretching his arm back out and giving it back to him.

“How are you doing that?” he asked.

“Don’t I look taller?” he asked, indeed he was, that was due to using robotic stilts for his arms and legs so he could get away with some of the tricks Gadget could do. Fluttershy flew in and landed beside him, smiling softly. She was dressed as a bee, you read that right, she’s dressed as a honey bee.

“Tut tut it looks like rain” Sonic said when he saw that. Shadow just looked at him when he made that reference.

“No” he said

“But” Sonic tried to protest.

“I said no” Shadow said sternly.

“Well what say we look around for the others?” Twilight asked, earning nods from the others as they set out to look for the rest of their friends.

Canterlot Palace

Luna sighed softly as she boarded her chariot to head to Ponyville. She could hear her guards snickering. She couldn’t help but think that was strange since that’s all she’s heard ever since Celestia helped her out that morning. She wasn’t sure what it was about, but she couldn’t dwell on it for soon the chariot took off and she was on her way to Ponyville.

Ponyville Square

During the search they found their friends, as well as shock and awe at their costume choices. Knuckles was The Incredible Hulk, if he stopped going to the gym as Sonic put it before Knuckles put him to the ground. Applejack was a timber wolf. She literally carved out a log and slipped into it and bought fake fangs for her mouth. Yes movement was stiff, but she was used to it now.

Silver was dressed in some purple attire and used his psychokinesis to levitate and make his eyes glow. Called himself Malzahar, a character from a computer game he played back on earth. Trixie was dressed as Starswirl the bearded, and everyone got the reference. Much to Twilight’s anger.

Vector and Vinyl decided on a combo, Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein. Much to everyone’s approval since they pulled it off flawlessly. The group soon arrived at Rarity’s, knocking on the door.

“Hello friends!” Rarity said happily, her costume being a witch since she thought it looked cute. Rouge was a vampire, “Show of hands, who saw that coming?” Sonic asked everyone raised them.

“Oh bite me” Rouge said.

“Pretty sure you’re the one supposed to bite” Knuckles said before realizing the error of his words.

“Be careful Knuckles, I just might make true on that” she said with a devilish grin. Big chuckled, he was dressed as Snorlax, a creature from a very popular game back on earth. Omega wasn’t dressed up, since he was a robot and was plenty intimidating. Charmy, Cream and the crusaders came to the door. Cream was the corpse bride, Cheese was supposed to be a zombie chao. Charmy a butterfly, of death! As he claimed. Applebloom was a barrel and Scootaloo was a wonderbolt. Sweetie Belle however blushed when she saw Spike. Spike just smiled and waved at her. Sweetie hid behind Applebloom as a result.

Rarity saw that and it clicked “Oh my gosh!” she said before squealing in delight. “Spike is Oberon and Sweetie Belle is Titania!” she said. Spike then began to blush, since Titania was Oberon’s wife. “So cute!” Rarity squealed happily.

Jet, Storm and Wave all arrived at the sound of that, the three of them having painted themselves black referring to themselves as a “Murder of Crows” it’s creative that much is true. Blaze and Marine were found once they all moved back to the square. Blaze was a Gypsy while Marine was a wrestler.

“Dang, I didn’t think I was that late” Amy said, wearing a sailor scout outfit that was pink to match her fur.

“Well, better late than never” Sonic said before a thunderclap was heard as Luna’s chariot arrived and she soon dove from it, landing amongst the residents of ponyville before her cloak fell away in a swarm of bats.

“Residents of Ponyville! Your princess of the Night has arrived on this glorious Nightmare Night! Let the Festivities be…” she paused as she noticed the whole town began to snicker and laugh.

“Pray tell what is so funny?” Luna asked, having not even delivered her Nightmare Night greetings in full. Twilight grabbed a mirror with her magic and held it in front of Luna. Her mane was styled in pigtails. Her cheeks turned a bright red as she saw that before it finally clicked.

“Celestia!” she shouted to the heavens. Celestia managed to hear that all the way in Canterlot and just smiled “looks like she found it” she said before laughing.

Luna was just completely red in the face from embarrassment. “Don’t worry Princess, I think it looks cute” Twilight said. Luna just blushed even more and hid her face.
“Thank you Twilight Sparkle” she said before using her magic to undo the pigtails and let her mane flow free. “I’ll be sure to get my sister back for that later” she said before clearing her throat “now then, Let the festivities…BEGIN!” she proclaimed, earning cheers all around.

Later that night, everyone was completely tired from partying a little too hard. Tails had managed to break his stilts. Fluttershy lost a stinger, Shadow’s third eye fell into the punch bowl. Spike ended up spending time with Sweetie Belle, it was awkward at first, but soon they were completely past that, until they danced together, then it was back to being tomato faces. Various other things happened as ponies began to head home for some sleep. Kids ate too much candy and got sick. The typical Nightmare Night by all standards. Luna had left a few minutes ago for some rest.

Twilight had finally managed to get home with Shadow Spike and Sweetie Belle. Since she insisted on staying the night, and her sister said it was okay. Spike and Sweetie Belle were set in his bed since it was big enough for them, both of them still sound asleep and cuddling closer for warmth as Twilight draped a blanket over them. “How cute” she said softly before turning to Shadow who was finishing getting out of his costume. He turned to her and smiled, his eyes still altered.

“That’s unnerving” she said

“It’ll wear off by morning” he said before she nodded and yawned before using her magic to pull him into the bed with her before cuddling up to him.

“Good night Shadow” she said softly.

“Good night Twilight” he said just as softly before they both passed out.

The next day

Celestia awoke with a yawn and stretch that was rather unelegant, before she got up and went to her vanity to style her mane. Only to notice it was already styled and made her look like a punk rocker

“Luna!” she shouted. Luna just began to chuckle before her door slammed open revealing Celestia, causing her to bust out laughing and fall on the ground. Celestia just sighed, before joining her little sister in laughter.

Meanwhile in a vast darkness a small smile could be seen shining within it, slowly chuckling before slowly beginning to laugh. The laugh was enough to chill the blood of anything that heard it.
Finally got this damn thing written. Decided it would be a Halloween chapter, since that holiday is practically here already.
shoved a ton of references in here, see if you can find them all. most i made obvious, but some i was really clever at hiding

What is this mysterious Dream of Luna's? and was it really a dream?

Sonic is copyright of Sega and Sonic Team
MLPFIM is copyright of Hasbro and Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
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